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loraccrocStylemama here!  I have to admit, I get just as excited about package deliveries as Riley, my German Shepherd does.  Picture this: The doorbell rings and my dog charges the front door, determined to break it down and get at the UPS man.  All while I pretend to walk calmly towards that same door, holding my breath until I can get at my freshly delivered package. Secretly admitting that Riley is living in truth and I’m totally faking it.    

This time, Meg sent the LORAC Croc Palette…… total proof that my neurotic reaction to the doorbell was completely justified.   As soon as I opened it, I lost all restraint and used my pinky to swipe the beautiful shadows across my lids.  You know it’s a great product when you can make  your eyes pop with nothing more than the shadow and your little finger.  It proved even more amazing after multiple uses and actual eye shadow brushes.  Like many of us, on Thanksgiving I spent the entire day in and out of the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, eating, eating, eating, and my earthy smoky eyes held up throughout the entire day.  No creasing, no melting and no disappearing.  I was impressed, especially since I forgot to use a primer that morning.  I’ve reached for this palette everyday since I got it.  Whether you want a sexy smoky eye or a muted day look, you’ll get it.  The combinations are endless and super easy to achieve.  There are four shadows and one blush.   Moonstone (soft champagne shimmer), Serenity (peachy champagne bronze shimmer), Garnet (bronze shimmer), and Suede (chocolate matte).   The blush is called Soul, and it’s a slightly shimmered, burnished rose color, perfect for this time of year.    

Every time I dip into this palette I think to myself, these are really well made.   The colors are highly pigmented and look just as good in the beautiful mirrored faux croc palette as they do on your eyes.   They blend so smoothly they almost remind me of a cream shadow.  It’s the classic case of trying one thing from a line you’re not terribly familiar with and thinking to yourself,  “OMG how do I not have one in every color?”  The feeling gets even stronger after just a few minutes on the website.  I’m talking about  instructional videos you can actually follow and VIP discounts for up to 70% off! THAT is an amazing deal!

If you are anything like me, sometimes you like to emulate some of the looks that the A-List celebrities are wearing.   When I see a really great lipstick on the Red Carpet I want to know who makes it, the exact shade and whether or not it’s the sheer or the matte formula.  Is it too much to ask?  Nope, and obviously LORAC creator Carol Shaw agrees.  Just click on the “Behind the Scene” tab on her website you can check out the exact products and looks that she has created for her A-List celebrities clients, like Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett Smith.  I’m impressed!  I love that she’s sharing her wealth of knowledge with the rest of us.   Shaw is known as the Red Carpet Authority, and it’s been quoted, “Whether you are walking the Red Carpet or walking the dog, LORAC makes you look and feel like a star.”  She totally gets it!

I know I’m not the only one lusting after LORAC, who’s with me?

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