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The scrumptious and sassy Sherry from Loose Lips New York sent Megsmakeup out some samples of their skin care line. We got 3 little pots of Loose Lip’s Natural Pumpkin and Multi Fruit Complex Peel, Honey & Almond Scrub and Soothing Chamomile Mask.

I think Rachael’s right. I think Mercury may be in retrograde. Our birthdays are ridiculously close together and I’ve been feeling like my universe has been turned upside down a bit. There’s not one thing I can pinpoint, it’s not even like things are bad, it’s just all a bit offf. KateCasey emailed me that a friend of hers our age (31) was just about to get married but she wasn’t feeling too well. She went to the doctor and found out she had terminal cancer and she had to have her hair all shaved off because of the treatments. Maybe we could send her some makeup?

My universe is fine. My mercury is fine and that story was all I needed to snap out of my self-imposed funk.

I put together all of the extra make-up that we get sent and put a package together for her. It was a very small thing to do but we all know the power of a great gloss. It’s not a cure for cancer but it usually can provide atleast a smile.

I just recieved a beautiful “thank-you” card in the mail where she wrote “I still feel somewhat normal when my face is “done”.

Katy-We all are pulling for you here and miracles can happen!

It just shows how true it is that when you feel great about your outside you can feel better inside (and vice versa)..

Sometimes at the end of a grimy, hot LA day I just don’t want to move-nevermind exfoliate! I’ve just been so “blah” and I felt like my skin was looking it.

Sherry was kind enough to put directions with her 3 samples of products. The first step was the Natural Pumpkin and Multi Fruit Complex Peel, which detoxifies and regenerates. This is to be left on for 10 minutes. Let me warn you, it’s a slight sting/burn. You can actually feel the peel at work (which I happen to LOVE). Grime be gone! This stuff is serious! Step 2 is using the Honey & Almond Scrub, I applied it over the Pumpkin and starting to slag off all of the dead skin the pumpkin got rid off. I did this for about 5 minutes to make sure I was giving myself a true exfoliation. I washed off that combo and my skin was super clean. It was shiny and a bit red from all my manual labor. Step 3, Soothing Chamomile Mask Yup, to take away the redness, Loose Lips provided us with a calming mask to reduce stress and redness from our skin. Twenty minutes later I was a new, refreshed woman! I rallied and ended up going out and having a wonderful time. Was it the mask that helped me off the couch? I don’t know but my skin felt fab and I was ready to play!

With my slightly oily skin I think this Natural Pumpkin and Multi Fruit Complex Peel is going to have a permanent home in my powder room. It was such a great stand-out product and really got the job done!

Loose Lips is being kind enough to off Megsmakeup 15% off any purchase over $10. The code is megs15.

Ladies did Loose Lips Skin Care help you get your groove back?

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