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Desertdoll speaks up on this product…

Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola, Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo, Lola. I can’t see this name and not think of the old Kinks song about meeting a girl who’s really a guy. They also drink Cherry Cola (C-O-L-A Cola). But the best part is that he loves her anyway. So sweet! I learned a lot about how to act from the classic rock station my parents listened to.

I used to lip-sync in the back of the car to whatever song was on and I thought if someone was driving by and listening to the same station, they’d think I was actually signing it! They may even follow me for an autograph. Even funnier than that is the image of a 8 year old belting out AC/DC Highway to Hell. I’d get a lot of smiles and it was my first brush with fame, I liked it.

It’s also where I first learned about drugs. The Eric Clapton song “Cocaine” was a staple on their playlist. Only that’s not what I would sing. I thought it was “She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie-COOKIE!” I remember asking my Mom why a cookie would ever lie. It was my first drug talk, after she stopped laughing.

But probably my most noteable lesson came from Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. Great song, easy to sing, as there weren’t too many lyrics. But what my little mind couldn’t understand was what was so special about her? What made her so foxy anyway? Mom skipped over any of the obvious sexual answers, I wasn’t quite ready for that. Know how she summed it up? Makeup! She wore a lot of makeup and men thought she was very pretty, foxy even. I think I bought my first Bonnie Bell lipgloss that day with my allowance. If I was going to get someone to write a song about me, I’d best start right away.

Lola’s might just make you song worthy. Their gorgeous metallic red packaging may even make you sing! Here’s what they have to say “Your skin changes with the season, so should your foundation. That’s why Lola pairs two complementary shades in our OIL-FREE CREME FOUNDATION DUO. Having one shade lighter than the other also allows you to conceal, contour and highlight – all from one slim compact. Lola’s oil-free formula is enriched with antioxidant vitamins A, C & E, and absorbs oil beautifully to help your make-up stay fresh longer.”

Ladies, what do you think-did Lola make you foxy? Please post now.

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