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Autumn greetings to all you hot lil’ witchlets from Goddess Granny who is slightly less wilted these days in South Texas as it’s finally starting to cool down here a bit.

This is be a “to the point” review which I think you’ll still appreciate as I’m just back from an emergency trip to Upstate NY and trying to play catchup: probably don’t have to tell most of you that air-travel even at it’s best and previously planned is a challenge but when you need to literally get across the country in 24 hours,it’s a flippin’ disaster,LOL!

Multiple carriers, many airports, long delays, insensitive customer service (does it even exist anymore?)and have you noticed how GRUNGY the airports and planes all are these days???

I did manage to smuggle six crisp NY apples on though and that helped a bit.

All I want when I get off the flying freak-movers anymore is a hot bath and hair wash,seriously you just know the cooties are taking up residence as you deplane!

Not to mention the toll it takes on your skin: the dehydration,the nasty ass-air on the planes and in the airports (what ARE they spraying in the air???)combined with makeup that’s been on for 12 hours and the stress…it’s enough to result in a skin crisis for the most fortunate genetic examples among us!

However,I’m here to tell you that I believe in miracles and have one to share with you today! We all could sure use something that’s real and that works for us these days without draining our 401K’s right?

Revisting Liz Earle: My previous review of her “Skin Tonic” was not as glowing as I could have liked,the product and I simply clashed.But I received a couple of other products in her exceptional line of skin care products to try and this time,the results have blown me away!

As I previously cited,this brilliant and award winning company is all about the BEST in natural, goal-specific, and environmentally resourceful products. Their philosophies and customer service are just so damn good! The site is intelligent and concise and actually directs a potential customer to the exact products that might work best for them rather than to simply confuse and overwhelm them.

Let me introduce you to my “miracle”…Liz Earle’s “Superskin Concentrate”. To start,the packaging is the bomb: heavy glass roller-bottle that’s PERFECT for travel and obviously high-end. The “naturally active ingredients” include organic rosehip oil, argan oil, neroli oil, and natural vitamin E.

The scent is fabulous, a creamy herb-y lush blend that you just want to breathe in forever! Rather dense,the consistancy is that of a rich emollient oil and you can roll onto the areas that might need an extra bit of “renewing and rebalancing” according to the bottle.

I LOVED the way it felt to my seriously-messed up skin and just stood mesmerized while I breathed in the scent and gently massaged the stuff into my face and neck.

It literally was the nicest thing I had felt in weeks…no offense to my hot husband!

Even he commented on how “good I smelled” as I crawled into bed…always a plus! It was such a luxurious product that I didn’t even really care if it “did” anything or not, I wanted to slather it on everywhere,LOL!

The thought of a scented OIL on my face was a bit daunting but again, it just felt and smelled so good I took that leap o’ faith and went with it…

Fast-forward 8 hours: was it the much-needed rest that caused me to wake to THE nicest, glowing, and glass-smooth complexion I had seen since my prom days?

I literally couldn’t believe how good my skin looked…being a bit of a naysayer when it comes to “miracle products”, I used it again the next two nights and can I tell you that it has simply transformed my skin? Everthing about it is clearer,brighter,smoother,and less crinkled than before!

I am here to tell you that if you don’t try another product during this season of change, try THIS one…my skin is simply not my “best asset” but using this for a mere three nights in a row has renewed my faith in higher-powers of products and I won’t be without it any time soon!!!

One of THE best things that has ever touched my face, buy it here: LIZ EARLE

Are you also cautious about immediate and impressive results too or do you believe that there are “things” out there that can really fix the uglies fast?


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