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I have often fantasized that I would be an ideal New Yorker. I’m obsessive compulsive, completely neurotic, have quite a grandiose personality, and have absolutely no problem mowing you down to get that perfect pair of strappy sandals half off. I can be a bit much and I’ve accepted that. Since my life is here in No Cal I’ll take the next best thing…sit down with my copy of Sex and the City: The Movie and live vicariously through Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Cocktail in hand I readied for two and a half hours of glorious designer clothes, enviable accessories, tasty shots of NYC and plenty of time to work on MY latest obsession…my hands.

Imagine my gleeful surprise when Meg sent me two items from Liz Earle’s Naturally Active Skincare line made especially for beautifying your hands with 12 harmonious natural ingredients! PERFECTION! I’ll be reviewing The Orange Flower Hand Wash today and part deux next week with the Hand Repair cream.

To begin with the packaging I would say the simple, elegant, powder blue pump is very Charlotte. It’s the type of loveliness that would fit perfectly in an all white Park Avenue bathroom. At first I was a little put off by the pump because I thought it wasn’t opening fully but it turns out just a slight turn is all you need to get the liquid flowing. This pump doesn’t POP UP inches higher than the ring showing that ugly plastic long neck that most do. It stays beautifully in place and retains its elegant look. Next comes the scent which immediately jumps out at you demanding to be paid attention to and recognized for all of its sexy complicated splendor…ala Samantha. Right away you are mentally assessing the smells as they present themselves to your senses. Lavender, Rosemary, just a hint of Orange Flower water (contrary to what the name might say it’s not the dominating scent) all rise up to greet you. There is one ingredient that escapes me and out comes my inner Miranda to head to the website and investigate. A few clicks and I found it…Patchouli. I’m sorry to say this is NOT my favorite scent. I’m immediately reminded of Carrie’s quote ‘I suddenly felt like I was wearing Patchouli in a room full of Chanel’ and knew that this particular scent is not for me. However, as Carrie would do I was forgiving and gave it a second chance, and a third, and a fourth….WOW Big put her through a lot didn’t he? My god she put a bird on her head for heavens sake! I digress.

All in all I really like this hand wash because there isn’t enough of any one of the ingredients to be too overpowering. It’s incredibly uplifting to the senses (attributed by the website to Patchouli which is an aphrodisiac…Samantha would be so proud!), it hydrates your hands while cleansing, and leaves no trace of a soap like film behind. The smell will linger on your hands for hours so be sure you like it because you’ll catch a waft of it as the day goes by. I’d say three Manolo’s up for my review of Liz Earle’s Orange Flower Hand Wash and here’s to next weeks sequel for the Hand Repair cream.

If only the next SATC movie would come so fast! Sigh. GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!!!



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