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Goddess Granny here, Goddess Granny still sweltering in the South Texas heat BUT I have decided that Autumn,my fav time of the year,is really a state of
mind so I’m surrounding myself with cinnamon teas, pumpkin candles, candy corn, and faux leaves in hopes that this most “botanical and nature-based” season will be one to enjoy in spite of the themometer!

Gonna’ be a good trick trying to get my man to glue-gun those apples onto the mesquite trees out back so I can go “pick” them though. 😉

Speaking of “botanical and nature based”, here’s my take on a product that has VERY naturally-sourced and active ingredients: “Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic” : created by two friends in 1995 and introduced to the British market a year later, this oh so elegant line based on pure ingredients for viable results offers simple solutions for luxury skin care that is based on the philosophy that “less is more” if it’s effective, honest, and reasonably priced! They finally opened a fullfillment center in CA in 2007 and their products are sold in both fine boutiques and through their online site.

I sense that this company is above and beyond in their customer service and the ability to focus-market directly to a client’s changing product needs which impresses me.They have been given some nice awards and the site allows for lots of reading about and question asking if one would like to fine-tune what they can offer! This doesn’t strike me as a “buy my stuff and oh well if you hate it” sort of company at ALL but rather one that goes the extra mile to make anyone who spends money with them satisfied…they exchange/ refund for products you aren’t pleased with and have a phone line dedicated to their skin “advisors” as well!


Onto the product itself: truly lovely spa-like and elegant packaging,very pale cool aqua substantial plastic bottle with a FABULOUS twist and release top so you aren’t fumbling with a cap when you still have cleanser-residue in your eyes. DIVINE and quite floral/herbal scented tonic that includes the ingredients organic aloe vera, calendula, rose-scented geranium, rosewood, orange, lavender,cucumber and natural vitamin E. It promises to “revitalize,sooth,and tone for instant radiance for all skin types.” Alcohol free which is a plus for those of us who are “drying up just a bit” due to environments and birthdays,LOL!

Very nice to apply, using a cotton ball and the scent lingers…I usually prefer a toner that includes a bit of AHA or the like so that I feel sorta’ “squeeky-clean” if I use one but this is uber- refreshing and does really seem to calm and smooth.If you have an objection to “scented skin care” I will honestly tell you that this product does have more scent to it than I would normally use but that it’s also a really nice one and makes the ritual of getting rid of the grubby on one’s face much more pleasant and luxurious.

IF there is a “negative” to this product,it’s that I find it left my face just a bit “sticky” after application and I had to wait a bit longer to put on my foundation.

It’s lush and lovely and effective otherwise…

I personally have mixed emotions on whether or not one requires a “toner” but will say that if you enjoy using one and want a product that is a delight to use,you cannot beat Liz Earle’s for the high- quality of the ingredients, the smoothing effect, the scent of beautiful florals, or the price!

I think this line looks stellar on all counts and would enjoy sampling some of their other products as well. They have a nice selection of “try me” kits and small sizes to experiment with and offer skin-solutions for every possible age group and skin type…they also have some wonderful gift-selections and their site is so much fun to browse!

I think they will do very well and wish them much continued success!


So…are you a person who believes that a skin toner makes a difference in your routine?

I’m off to plunk some tacky plastic-pumpkins on my porch and maybe even build a bonfire (yep…you can do that out here in the boonies!) to help kick Autumn into gear…:)

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