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An-glo-phile (noun): Someone who greatly admires England or the English. Also see Perez Hilton, Madonna or Desertdoll.

It’s true, I am an unabashed anglophile. I have been since 8th grade when I first discovered Duran Duran. I remember seeing “Hungry like the Wolf” on MTV. My exposure to England up to that point was my Grandfather watching the terribly unfunny Benny Hill (at least it was to me at 6 years old). This was different. More handsome than any Americans I’d ever seen, sexy accents, a tiny bit of eyeliner-I was in love. Granted, the timing was right. 8th grade was right about the time I became a “young lady” so my hormones were in full gear. But timing aside, I never looked back from there. I was a full-fledged Anglophile and I am till this day. Much to my British husband’s delight…

You know, people often ask me “Tell me the best England has to offer, besides boys in makeup”. Ok…no one has ever asked me that. But they should, cause, here’s what I’d say! Bangers and Mash, Vivienne Westwood, the best music in the world, Harvey Nichols, Absolutely Fabulous, national healthcare, David Beckham, and who doesn’t love a country with a royal family? And now I can add to this list Linda Meredith Skincare

Linda Meredith is England’s facialist to the stars. (you don’t get much more A-list than Madonna Gwyneth and Kate Moss) Her stylish salon in London’s posh Knightsbridge shopping district is home to what many think are the best facials in the business, a combination treatment of oxygen and serum. For those of us who can’t just pop over the pond for a facial we now have a line of 7 products created by Linda herself.

She wanted a line that was natural, but utilized the most advanced technology available. 2 of us were lucky enough to be given LM1 and V-Tox to sample. I’m going to let the expert herself explain each to you…

LM1 – The ultimate anti-wrinkle cream, packed with active ingredients including green tea, white tea, vitamins A, C & E all encapsulated providing time-release activity including micro-spheres which fill in lines and wrinkles. The real difference is that no other cream has as many nourishing ingredients, with supporting clinical evidence that the product works. IT’S MAGIC!

V-TOX – A unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin and de-stress the muscle wrinkled areas to restore a smooth more youthful look. These natural actives are targeted as a new alternative to botox injections. Naturally derived from algae, V-TOX helps to block the skin’s reaction to stress, which is the major cause of most frown lines. The skin will appear more relaxed; less lines, less wrinkles.

So, how much do you want these? See why I love England! Have a cup of tea, rub on some V-Tox, watch some Eastenders and your set. But the real question is do they work? You’ll have to read Beautyzilla and my review. But until then, tell me-what country other than your homeland has your knickers in a bunch?

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