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lieracStacy B here! You know the awful term ‘slumming it’? It’s a pretty negative term when you go cheap on something or somewhere and it’s not meant to be a compliment. But I’m sure we’ve all heard or used that term to describe a bad product or experience. Anyone know what the opposite of that it? “Rich-ing” it? “Glam-ing it”? Maybe “posh-ing it”?  I like ‘glam-ing it’ the best. This week, I’m glam-ing it up with another Lierac Paris product made especially for dry skin.
This week, I’ve been using the ultra thick, smooth Hydra-Chrono Crème Intense.
This cream is not like my usual drug store products, and neither is the price tag, but it’s not completely outrageous. This decent sized tub is $50. A bit high for my usual tastes, but I say you are all worth it! It’s a treat, or a splurge when you think you deserve a little bit of glam in your life but still want to be budget conscious. Right now, if you go on the website, it’s on sale for $30, marked down from $50. The saver in me balks at $50 for a face cream, but the bargain hunter screams “$20 off!! That’s almost half!” Rest assured, you don’t have to use a lot, so if you do dip into the rainy day fund for that $30, you’ll have high quality face cream for many more rainy days.
It comes in a gorgeous little pink, round, glass-looking tub that fancied up my bathroom counter right away. It smells like old Hollywood glamour, like my grandmother could have used it back in the 40s right before splashing on some Chanel No. 5 and heading out to dance the night away (chaperoned, of course).
This cream has an ultra-high concentration of moisturizing agents of apricot and safflower oils. Which explains the yummy smell! It’s pink, but doesn’t tint your skin. It’s thicker than my normal cream, but blends in immediately. My skin felt instantly softer and hydrated. It really left a silky feeling on my face. I tried it at night first, and woke up in the morning with my skin still feeling moisturized. It seems to really work, and only with a little bit of the product.
Watch out though, a few nights and mornings I used too much and my face felt a little oily and I had a break out. I had to stop for a few days and let my skin dry out a little. I have found that this is great for my skin but only once a day, or even every other day. It makes that $30 worth of cream stretch even longer! Now that’s a drugstore type of deal I can get behind!
I guess morning and night was too much for me. My face isn’t that dry though, and this is for intense dry skin, so maybe if you have really dry skin, twice daily would be perfect for you. I even tried it on dry spots like elbows and knees and it certainly improved those areas, too.
Overall, a win with the right amount of product and frequency of application. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a moisturizer? I’m afraid to hear… Kiss

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