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lierachighpeelStacy B here! I like instant gratification. Who doesn’t? I like to know that when I do something, the results are immediately recognizable. Not EVERYTHING has to be that way, I realize some things do take time (sure wish the gym wasn’t one of those things that takes forever for results to show), but some things need to work right away or I lose interest. I’m a busy drugstore diva! Between a toddler, a traveling husband and two jobs, my time is stretched to the limit so sometimes I just want to know something is working right away.
I’m one of those crazies that LIKES to feel sore after a gym work out. I need to know in the first 15 pages of a book if I’m going to like it. If the first 10 minutes of a show doesn’t grab me, I’m finding something else. In my future life, I promise to be more patient and give more things a chance, but that will just have to wait until I’m retired.
This goes for products too, which can be hard. I know a lot of products need to be used a few times before they show results and I’m pretty good with that. A week or so is a good compromise for me! Some stuff is easy, like lip gloss or mascara. Within hours you know if it’s as perfect as the moment you put it on, or if you suddenly look like a scary clown with makeup running all over your face.
But some of the lotions, creams, and serums we use take a little longer and my patience is exercised! It’s OK though, I remind myself many times a week that sometimes things are worth the wait.  This week, I have another Lierac product. It’s the Lierac “High Peel” This promises to visibly diminish the appearance of signs of photo-aging. It’s full of hydroxy acids that are supposed to smooth out your skin and make it look like you have fresh, new, young skin every day.
The bottle is adorable and the pump dispenses just the right amount. It smells fresh, but not overpowering and a really simple, clean smell lingers for awhile, which makes me feel like it’s working on me throughout the day!
Warning though…IT STINGS! If you have any dry patches, tiny cuts, scrapes or blemishes on your skin, this will zing you! And the crazy in me loved that. It’s like the gym. If I don’t hurt, I wasn’t working hard enough. This made me feel instantly like it was diving into every pore and attacking all those nasty age identifiers and dead skin cells.  Instant gratification, how I love you.
I used this a little more carefully over the next few days and did like how my skin felt smooth and clean. I’m not sure if I’ve used it enough for the even and radiant skin it promised, but I’m definitely smoother, and less dry. It’s another splurge for me, $58…but you can use so little each time that it will last a long time. The bottle still feels completely full after about a week and a half of using it. And I really liked how it never felt heavy on my skin.
I’m heading to Florida this week for some fun in the sun and I bet this little bottle will make me feel great after that salty air gets into my pores!

How about you? How long do you give a product to work before you’re moving on?

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