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LIERACAGEDEFENSEStacy B here! Wrinkles. Yuck. Even the name makes my face do a funny little contortion. We can’t stop them, they aren’t fun and another tragedy of the male-female double standard is that wrinkles don’t make us look more distinguished, or handsome. They make us look older. We, as a gender (and probably some men, too!) spend billions of dollars a year trying to fight these little buggers and they still manage to sneak up on us. I think we all know that nothing can stop them, or completely erase them, but there are products out there that do a pretty good job of hiding them and slowing them down. So do things like staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, staying out of the sun and eating a balanced diet (and most of those cost a LOT less than the cosmetics we so faithfully buy!)
I will admit that I’m very lucky in the genetics department. My Mom looks about 15 years younger than she is, barely has any wrinkles at 57 and didn’t even start dying her hair to cover the grays until about 10 years ago. Really. And this will really get you….she uses just a regular Vasaline face lotion, SPF 30 occassionally, drinks tons of diet coke (I’m constantly pushing water on her and she’s starting to get it) and hates vegetables. Nothing she puts on her face or in her hair costs more than about $12 and is found at CVS, usually with a coupon. There are a lot of things I am thankful my mother taught me, but I couldn’t put into words how grateful I am I have her skin and hair! The best part is, as I am settling into the ripe old age of 32, I’m starting to look into more potent face and eye creams, I only drink water and milk, I try to eat healthy as much as I can, I use sunscreen much more than she does, I exercise more and I take a multivitamin. I figure I just bought myself at least a few more years of smooth skin and no gray hair. Maybe I’ll hit 50 before hair dye becomes necessary!
This week, I found an eye cream/wrinkle fighter that I think I’m going to hang on to for awhile. It’s another Lierac product, the last of my 4-part series. This week I used Dioptecreme Age Defense Cream for Wrinkles. I don’t have any wrinkles around my eyes yet, but preventative measures are in full swing! I do have some laugh lines on my forehead  that I wish would go away so I used a bit of the lotion on those lines as well as my eyes. Laugh-lines, doesn’t that sounds so pleasant? Even when they aren’t!?
It’s not just about wrinkle prevention for me when I judge a good eye cream. It must be fragrance and dye free, it should be thick but easily absorbing, I shouldn’t have to use a lot and I should wake up the next morning not feeling parched or like my skin is going to crack if I blink to fast.  This cream accomplished all of that. It was rich, creamy, and luxurious. It absorbed quickly and I felt the sensitive skin around my eyes soaking it right in. I woke up feeling smooth and soft and I barely had to use more than a pea-sized amount for both eyes. I know wrinkles can be caused by dehydration and skin that is losing elasticity and this took care of both of those things.
It even made my forehead lines seem a little softer, which is why I think once the eye wrinkles try to fight their way out, I can attack them with this cream. A little goes a long way, so at $34, this isn’t too big of a splurge. I bet this will last me awhile, and I’m glad I have it now, rather than later on when it’s too late. It’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to something as icky as wrinkles!

What’s your wrinkle-fighting strategy? All makeup or lifestyle choices, too?


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