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Meg here! Excuse my Price is Right, Barker Beauty poses but I wanted for you to see the THREE giveaways I was able to snag for our lucky readers!
First off this was amazingly beautiful and informative event and boy boy boy am I in love! Sure, there was champagne and decadent nibblers and
sassy, fun women but wait until you hear the news-I am a 28.2! Um, that’s not good-but back to that in a minute!

Vichy is the bestselling skincare in European Pharmacies. It comes from France, from the area of “Vichy”. Vichy has had these healing waters that people have taken to for over 2,000 years to ged rid of various ailments. You know the saying “There must be something in the water?”

I usually say that when a bunch of my friends get pregnant. Then I stick to wine.Innocent In this case THERE REALLY IS SOMETHING IN THE WATER! Yup, the water runs through all these minerals and volcano areas and has some real “Secret Sauce” In it!

The Dr.  that invented this line-My new bestfriend Dr. Haller (R.I.P. Dr. Haller) started this line in the early 1930’s. He also was the first person to come up with our three favorite terms “Oily” “Combo” and “Dry”. No it’s not as fun as “Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll” just much more practical!
We’re going to be doing a lot of future reviews on this affordable line but here’s a hint for our acne-prone go and check out their Normaderm ASAP.

It really has women beating down the doors to their CVS. I mean, they should just change the name to CVS to WCN (We carry Normaderm!)
OK, so much to tell and I don’t want to overload you because I know you, you’ll forget it.

Here is what you can’t forget get your butt down to CVS for a free skincare consultation that will totally gross you out! Here’s where my 28.2 comes into play. I know you ladies, you LOVE GROSS! This is a pimple squeezer’s dream experience. I was in “Can’t look away it’s like a car crash” HEAVEN!

So CVS has come along way-right? Well Vichy has their experts trained with lasers and a screen. There is a screen and the expert takes a want and you can watch on the screen your skin magnified like you’ve never seen before! You can see sun damage, clogged pores, the wayward hair-nasty? You betcha! The most riveting television I have seen this whole season? 100% Yes. Bring a friend with you, you’ll get hysterical laughing.

I brought Solero, did you know skin hydration needs to be around 40 (on the Vichy hydration meter) to be healthy and hydrated? Well, Solero racked up a pretty decent 35.3! She’s almost there, Meg? Oops, there’s where the 28.2 comes into play. Someone get me a glass of water!!
You can find out what your hydration level is and what your skin looks like magnified to epic proportions for free! Then you get free reccomendations. Vichy doesn’t believe in a hard sell, they just fill you in on what works. They don’t need a hard sell-once you see your magnified mug and hydration level you will sell your children without leaving the store without your Vichy! Here’s the great news, you don’t need to sell your children (collective UGH here). Yup, you don’t even have to rent them out for the day. Vichy is not expensive and the consultation is free.
This is wordy but I am very excited! We’ll come back and cover the other products but let’s talk about the give-away!

In time for pool parties, we have THREE Vichy LipoMetric Contour Refining Intensive Care for Stubborn Cellulite to GIVE AWAY! I was so impressed with the texture and smell and shimmer that this pump provided and I want all of you to join in my Vichy love!

Tell me about any Vichy Experience you’ve had or funny stories on the lengths you’ve gone to rid yourself of Cellulite!
As always! Best tales will! In the case THREE BEST TALES-So get to typing!!

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