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The radiant Kirsten sent Meg’s Make-Up some of Larenim’s Mineral Invisi-Pore Concealer out for us to try.

There is a big debate going on in the country right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re Red State or Blue. It’s gripping the nation and leaving women of every persuasion at odds and confused. The big debate I’m talking about is none other then Mineral Make-up. I have some friends that swear Bare Essentials has changed the surface of their skin into a gorgeous complexion. On the other hand, I have friends that tell me that mineral make-up is the devil. Drying and creasy. They hate it.

There doesn’t seem to be an in between. The passion behind the two opinions are usually reserved for life and death matters. Women really get all fired up when their potions are questioned and this mineral trend seems to be an inferno of a topic.

The benefits of mineral make-up are touted as being water-resistant, long-wearing, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and providing natural SPF. That sounds great! What could be wrong with that? Well, here comes the naysayer but…It can be very drying. If you are prone to oil or shine then Mineral Make-Up (being void of a lot of clogging agents) will probably be a Godsend for you. However, if you’re on the dry side then you may need a liquid base.

Having combo skin, I just used a moisturizer before applying Larenim’s Invisi-Pore Concealer and I am happy to report that it worked great for me. All I needed was a big Kabuki brush (and 5 minutes prior for my moisturizer to sink in) and I looked good to go.

Here is what Larenim says about their Invisi-Pore Concealer…”A concealer to heal and conceal acne blemishes or camouflage rosacea or red skin. A magical pore spackling primer that also helps to minimize oily shine. Great for touch ups too”!

Ladies please post if the new Mineral Trend does deliver stellar results and if Larenim’s Invisi-Pore concealer has made you jump ship to the Pro Mineral side!

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Larenim Mineral Invisi-Pore Concealer

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