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Sharond here! Now that Christmas is only a memory, we need to get ready for all the big events coming up in the entertainment industry like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Music Awards and many more. I love to look at all the beautiful dresses and of course, the stars makeup. How do they make themselves look so radiant?

A number of years ago I was in Las Vegas over the Christmas season and my face was getting so dry I was in pain. I had my son with me and of course he didn’t want to go with me to Sephora for help. He happened to be on a sushi kick during that time so we compromised that if I took him to Chinatown for sushi, he would come with me to Sephora. By this time, if I saw another piece of sushi I knew I would be sick. I wandered around the area of where he was eating. I walked in this little shop named The Amore which sold Amore Pacific’s Laneige, Iope and Sulwhasoo lines of facial products. These products are produced in South Korea using indigenous botanical plants such as Red Ginseng and Green Tea. The lovely Jay, one of the owners, wouldn’t even sell me the facial cream I so badly needed. Instead, she loaded me up with enough samples to last 7 days. We had a language barrier so I had a hard time telling her I had to leave before then and her telling me that she wanted me to try the products to assure they were best for my skin. She finally convinced me of her sales method and sent me packing with the samples. I started using them immediately and loved the way they quickly moisturized my parch skin. Before I went home I went back to buy a number of their products.

One of the products I bought was a makeup base called Laneige Shimmering Multi Cream. This soft cream has a two tone hologram pearlescent glowing effect. Laneige writes on their site that the light reflective particles make fine lines and pores invisible and brighten the skin tone. They claim the two tone hologram pearl cream makes your face brim with the touch of fine pearlescent luminescence and will bring out a glowing and crystal-like expression.

I use this versatile product alone, with only powder or mix with foundation. I have even used the cream as eye makeup for a nice natural look with just a kick. Laneige’s website tells you to reapply after foundation onto the outer cheekbone area, t-zone area and below the chin, the glow will be maximized to express more beautiful facial contours. I have been using this product for a few years now and enjoy applying it many different ways. Using this product is the closest I have ever come to having that special glowing natural looking skin… Like the stars!

Laneige can be hard to find. The only land based store where I ever seen Shimmering Multi Cream was at The Amore in Las Vegas. When you Google them online, you will get some hits. I have never ordered from any of these companies. Since I got to know and trusted Jay, I still call her and have her send me what I need plus she always sticks in a large number of samples. You can read about Learn Laneige HereBuy Laneige Here

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