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Oil, friend or foe? I always thought a bit of both. I fight my oily skin every day, but especially in these hot summer months. But while the skin on my dry body drinks oil likes it’s a thirsty camel in the desert sun, my face produces plenty and seems to not need an ounce more of it. The flip side is that people with Italian backgrounds such as myself, while they may curse their oily skin, tend to get less wrinkles then their dry skinned neighbors. I mean, have you SEEN Sophia Loren lately?

But friends, sales associates and dermatologists tell me on a regular basis “don’t be afraid of oil”! Science proves it too, strip your skin of all its oil with over zealous scrubbing and harsh products and your skin actually produces MORE sebum to counter act. But whatever your skin condition is, the key to using oil to your benefit is the purest ingredients in the right dosage.

When we received Ladi Avokanto by Sponge in it’s dark blue-black minimal box, I was instantly intrigued. I love simple and chic packaging and this certainly fit the bill. But pulling the spray bottle from the box I had to fight the urge to recoil from the rich looking dark oil it held. The heads of all the people listed above swirled around my head in an orbit yelling, “don’t be afraid of oil!” Ok, if I was going to give any oil a chance, it was going to be this.

I’m so lucky I took the plunge for this one. Sponge skin care originates in Greece and is made by a family that has been making natural skin care products for over thirty years. All are based in olive oil, use organically grown herbs, and exclude any chemical processing. Turns out that the deep colored packaging is based on the sea that surrounds the Greek island of Santorini, which is dark due to the reflection of a lava seabed that some say to be the site of the lost city of Atlantis. Nothing like a good myth to hook me!

I put the vision of me with blemish-free skin riding a dolphin aside and read on a bit further. Here’s what they say about Ladi Avokanto:

A special product for the treatment of the facial skin that combines all the beneficial active ingredients of avocado oil with vitamins D, E and proteins. It helps nourish and rejuvenate weary skin, keeping it fresh, soft and silky.

We were lucky enough to receive multiples of this $100 decadent item. So ladies, what did you think? Did this have you glowing like Demeter? Or were you closer to Medusa?
And if you haven’t tried Sponge, what oil-based products do you love? Please post now!

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