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Caroline here to bring you the most fabulous splurges!La Prairie has outdone themselves this time. I have never seen more of class act and they never cease to amaze me. La Prairie has called upon ocean activist and explorer, Celine Cousteau, to develop a new line of sea-based products. If the name sounds familiar to you – it should! Celine is the grand daughter of world renown oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. She is quite the “oceanaut” herself these days; being called a rising star in adventure in exploration. She appears on her father’s show; “Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures” and has a position with her father’s nonprofit, Oceans Future Society. La Prairie’s Marine line of new products gives a contribution to the charity for every bottle, jar and cream sold.

There are three products in this line; day cream, night cream and a toner. My eye was on the toner because the bottle contains three layers and you actually have to shake the bottle before using to get the layers to combine and activate. The layers are blue (water), golden (ocean antioxidants) and clear (oxygen). La Prairie used Celine’s ocean-conscious mind to cultivate ingredients from the ocean on-shore using an innovative technology called mariponics. In this way, we get the best the sea has to offer without affecting it’s nature state and eco-systems.

La Prairie and Celine Cousteau bring to the market a pure and refined product with engineering like no other. The three different layers look great in the bottle and separate back out the moment you put the bottle down. As with all La Prairie bottles, this product is gorgeous in its encasing, as is all their packaging. These bottles are break-proof, have a traditional shape, and as always, the signature silver cap.

Please see my previous post on La Prairie for more information about their spas around the world.

Anyone else tried the magic of La Prairie?


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