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Tantejoan here! I believe it was Rudyard Kipling who said, “He travels fastest who travels alone.” Well, what Tantejoan says is, “She travels fastest who travels light.” Anyone who has traveled with me or has been waiting for me at the gate when I de-plane, de-train or de-hovercraft knows that I love to travel fast and light. Years spent packing for a man who insisted on traveling the globe out of a single suitcase has taught me so many tricks to maximize space, minimize wrinkles, keep my beauty essentials with me but obey those draconian airline regulations I could give George Clooney lessons.

Back when I was extolling the virtues of a product called Eye Scrubs as a sovereign preventative for the dreaded mystery disease Blepharitis I mentioned that one of its best features was its packaging: each wipe was enclosed in an individual packet. Taking up virtually no space at all, the Eye Scrub was perfect for popping into a purse, a tote bag or one of those 1-quart zipped plastic baggies the airport security checkers so love. Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if all of my makeup removal and personal hygiene needs could be packaged so neatly.

Voila! LA FRESH must have been listening to me. Me and about 100 million other busy women who want it all and want to put it all into no space at all. Well, into a 4×6 inch clear plastic pouch that is not even half a quart in size. LA FRESH’s One Day Stay Travel Packet For Her is designed to put everything we women need for an overnighter into the smallest possible amount of space while providing the largest amount of ease, comfort and confidence. Here’s what this little wonder includes, all in individual one-time use packets:

  • Makeup Remover towelette

  • Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover towelette

  • Anti-Bacterial towelette

  • Minty Mitt – Dental Finger Mitt

  • Hydrating Lotion towelette

  • Deodorant towelette for Women

Now, I have been writing from the standpoint of a business traveler or the one-day pleasure seeker, but perhaps the target audience for this kit could be the woman who wants to Be Prepared while out looking for Mr. Right Now. In that case, may I point out that there is ample room in that sealable plastic pouch for another individually sealed item? All you single ladies – don’t forget that liberation means you can carry a condom, too. Wink

What’s that I hear? All of you who wonder what you can do if you are packing for a week, not a day? Or need an emergency freshen-up kit for your office desk drawer? Or wonder whether LA FRESH has anything your man can use on the road? Yes, yes, and oh yes, yes! This review pack is just one of many products available at their website, and the minute you see them you will wonder why you ever spent time and good money (better spent on yummy products recommended here!) buying travel-sized bottles or lugging full-sized ones in your (checked) luggage. In addition to convenience packages of 30 kits containing all of the components of the One Day Stay packets for Women and Men, their On The Go line has kits for everything from beauty products to insect repellent, shoe shine cloths, screen cleaners, intimate towelettes and sunscreen wipes. They also sell At Home spa treatments and designer towels. All at prices that will surprise and delight you, especially if you buy now from their site, where they are running a promotional sample sale of assorted hot and cold towels – 20 for $2.99. Other promotional items include trial Amenities Wipes for Him and Her ($1.99) and a Sale section with some intriguing offers. I’m dying to try the Lavender Juice Pack – 3 for $3.00)

So if “Up in the Air” put you in the mood for a quick trip out of town, don’t forget to travel light. And if you are hoping to stand in the security line ahead of George, remember this: we can’t all be Asian (his #1 choice) but we can all travel light.

What are your quick and east travel tips and have any of you used LA Fresh’s travel packs? What did you think?

Buy It here!

ALSO, This is the perfect time to let you all know that Eleni is in charge because I am leaving ON A VACATION for A WEEK on Sunday! I have not been on a “real” vacation for more then 4 years so I am very excited!-Meg

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