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Nick Stern here! Men are creatures of habit. Once we get accustomed to a routine, we are committed to it. This shouldn’t be mistaken for loyalty or integrity but simply laziness. We exert just enough energy to find our comfort zone and as soon as we discover it…Good luck trying to lure us out. No! Really, men don’t like to leave their “comfort zone?” This is why many of you struggle to get the men in your lives to upgrade their skin care routine. You might be laughing right now because the closest thing to a skin care routine for your man is probably a bar of soap and a washcloth. I would stop laughing though because their failure is really your failure. I can’t wait to hear how this is our fault.

Let’s face the facts, without women forcing this whole hygiene agenda down our throats in the first place, most men would probably stop showering altogether. However, women can command (nag) a man to do anything when it comes to maintaining a respectable appearance. I mean Meg (yes, Meg nags me not to start sentences with “I mean”) in passing told me that my toe nails needed to be clipped. Now at the time I totally downplayed my concern as it was the weekend. All I wanted to do was watch basketball with my beer and my primal toe nails. But it was useless, the seed was planted in my head and an hour later I was in my bedroom clipping those suckers listening to The Cranberries like a brainwashed Stepford wife. I’m sorry you felt brainwashed Nick, I now see that I took away 10 great self defense weapons.

Please understand that I’m in extreme circumstances living with a beauty expert and all. I’ve learned about exfoliation, eye creams, eye gels, the difference between eye creams and eye gels, lip balms, hand balms, cuticle balms, balms with more balms…I even know that the oils on your face have low PH and when you use bar soap, which has high PH, you can actually damage the natural balance of your face by leaving a salt residue and sucking the moisture from your face. Still laughing….because I just dropped some knowledge on everyone. Meg, did you even know that? I am all knowing. AP Chemistry (fist pump)! Where was I?

Ah yes…so ladies you have an obligation to improve your man’s skin care, if not for his appearance at least for the health of his skin. What exactly is your job here?

I know changing your man’s routine is a daunting task….he probably already has his standard soap, his shaving cream, his deodorant, his shampoo (hopefully he has a conditioner in a separate bottle., Pert Plus was great when we were 13), and you are not going to change his comfort zone overnight. Asking him to try a daily facial cleanser or an eye cream might overwhelm him with too much commitment right out of the gate. We don’t want to push him back into the arms of the bar soap by being too aggressive.  Thus, the easiest way to improve his routine is to add something that isn’t a daily commitment but a weekly one. My advice is to start with a weekly facial mask like the Lava Masque by Kyoku for Men to his regimen giving  him what everyone wants a product that has a big payoff for little effort. You only have to convince your guy to use the lava mask for 10 minutes a week to see great results. Honestly, his skin looks really, really great!

There are plenty of facial masks out there but only the Lava Masque by Kyoku has a natural volcanic mud/ash base that extracts excess oils and removes dead skin cells while the 73 essential sea minerals increase blood circulation improving cellular renewal and revealing a healthier, younger looking skin. The best part is that this product screams masculinity. Having volcanic ash on your face…I mean how can you get more manly than that. Seriously! Volcanoes have wiped out entire civilizations and you’re now wearing part of it on your face. I usually spend the 10 minutes staring at myself in the mirror and reenacting scenes from Braveheart or sometimes I turn off the lights in the bathroom and pretend to be a Navy Seal. And this is where he loses me…

Ladies stop laughing at your man’s juvenile skin care routine and go get him a volcano! Meg, prepare the Lava Masque, it’s time to go to war! Nick’s skin looks amazing! If you ladies want to check out a masque for your man (and don’t want to share yours) Kyoku has great products that wont break the bank!  How many of you share products with your guy?

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