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Meg here! Agrimony to the rescue! I didn’t have a post for this morning (I fouled up what day we were on) then I started to panic!! Yay Agrimony had sent me a really great review of the Kumaara Concealer a few days back (she loved it that much) so the day is saved! Without further ado..

Agrimony here! Concealer is one of those cosmetics you really can’t live without. Well, most of us have something to conceal at any rate.  And, yet it seems hard to get too excited about it.  Years ago, concealer came in three shades, light, medium and dark. You either fit one of those, or you were out of luck. And  you looked weird.  It was an amazing amount of work to blend it, cover concealer with foundation and powder.

Then a few years back concealer seemed to become all the rage, taking the spotlight as a major cosmetic, no longer happy to be remain in the background.  Everyone, and, by everyone, I mean beauty magazines, cosmetic sales people, make up artists, etc., recommended that one find a concealer that matched one’s skin, and apply where needed over moisturizer or tinted moisturizer.  Less is more and all that.

I was skeptical. From a young age,  I believed a nice coat of base was necessary.  My base of course changed through the years,  but, one day I decided to give the tinted moisturizer, dab of concealer a go.  And I liked it. I think the first tinted moisturizer I ever tried was by  Shisedo.  Maybe. I can’t recall, it has been a while. Anyway, the concealer was Estee Lauder’s.  It came in a navy blue (squeeze) tube. I used the light, and it seemed close enough.

Close enough seemed as good as I could hope for. I moved on and tried various ones, mostly using Benefit’s Boiing.  Strangely enough, I used the medium in this. My skin is pretty pale, and I wouldn’t have bought medium, except for it coming in one of their kits – The Realness of Concealment – which is nice and still sold BTW.  And it seemed to match, well enough, although I had to work it. Yes, applying concealer was a pain, and took time, but, I did it and became pretty good at concealing. Generally, tinted moisturizer, concealer and a dusting of mineral veil type powder is my daily face. And I liked it.

What am I concealing you might ask?  Some broken capillaries for the most part. Occasionally a bit of darkness under my eyes. I exaggerated like hell on my profile. My capillaries and dark circles are monumental in my magnifying mirror. (Mr. Agrimony is constantly threatening to get rid of it!!). My wrinkles are probably fine lines cause I take such great care of my skin.  But these ares do need a bit of concealment.

But our Beloved Meg sent me some products by Kumaara.  I have loved all of them more than I thought I would.  The Luminescent Primer is astounding. But, maybe the product I love the most is the Kumaara Radiant Finish Concealer in Light/Medium.

It is amazing how great this concealer is!!  The color is absolutely a perfect match for my skin. It comes in a pretty compact with a darling tiny mirror and in the box with it is a really great brush. It is a fantastic concealer brush.  Dabbing it on, it melts into my skin and the bit of redness is GONE.  Maybe two strokes on my worst capillary, but, DAMN.  It is hard to tell where the concealer leaves off and my skin begins!  No working it at all. It is pretty much an instant concealing process. Kumaara should call it INSTANT MAGIC CONCEALOR because that pretty much sums it up.

Kumaara is a great company. So far, I have used three of their products and they do what they say they will do. I like that in beauty products and am pretty sure we all do.  I want things to deliver on their promises. With modern technology, more and more things do, but, you know it still isn’t all that often you find things that are instantly perfect.

I like the philosophy of Kumaara.  “Kumaara-This single Sanskrit word for “youth” conveys the essential truth behind a distinct and inspirational collection of beauty rituals: Everyone deserves youthful skin.
Your skin deserves to look and feel flawless. You also deserve the best that the world offers, in the form of advanced beauty methods that are as natural and nurturing as possible. This philosophy is embodied in Kumaara’s unique and seamless blend of Eastern botanical traditions and Western scientific innovations.”

And this pretty much sums up my personal beauty philosophy. I like natural things, but, golly do I love scientific innovations.  Better living through chemistry and all that!
Here’s what their website says about the concealer:

Hide blemishes and imperfections
·         Brightens skin and conceals under-eye circles
·         Provides smooth, illuminating coverage
·         Soft, tapered brush allows for flawless application
Provides smooth, illuminating coverage of under-eye circles and other skin imperfections. Creamy consistency won’t settle into fine lines. Soft, tapered brush allows for flawless application.”

And it really does. This week I have been using the Illuminating Primer over moisturizer with sunscreen and this concealer on top. I look great. My skin glows and looks, well, pretty close to perfect.  I have found my perfect concealer and this is now a holy grail item!
If you have tried this, I am sure you share my joy at finding such an amazing product. And if you haven’t tried, do yourself a favor and give it a try. I think you will be as happy as I am!

Who else has tried Kumaara Radiant Finish Concealer?

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