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Sweetassgal here!  I had a rather brutal reminder this weekend of how fast things do change as we get older.  I’m only 34 but when you haven’t seen someone in 15 years the changes are a bit shocking.  But this was sort of a shock in reverse.  I ran into my ex.  No…I guess I should say THE ex.  The first one ever to break my heart, rip it still beating from my chest and serve it to his hounds from hell on toast points.  And he looked hot ladies…damn hot.  GGGRRRRR.  Shouldn’t he be 400 pounds and covered in boils like we planned God? …is that too much to ask!?  Alas…he didn’t look any different, but I sure the heck do!
The girl he knew was about 110 pounds with long straight blonde hair and smooth white skin.  I’m currently embroiled in the battle of the bulge, my hair has gone crazy curly, I went brunette and am suffering from embarrassing Rosacea. What the…hey God…he’s the one that cheated not me!  So what’s a girl to do in this situation?  Hunker down, pull your visor down tight and PRAY for a freak earthquake to swallow you up right where you stand!
While the topical Rosacea serums I am trying out take effect, I’m left with good ol’ fashion cosmetics to divert the eye from my constantly red skin.  I swear if ONE more person says “Got some sun this weekend didn’t ya!?” I’m going to rip their colon out through their nose.  I’m NOT SUN BURNT…I HAVE ROSACEA!!!!  So how do you tone down red skin without slathering on cakey foundation?  Light.  Light is the key.
Kumaara Luminescent Primer
has been a saving grace in recent weeks.  This light primer smoothes skin, fills small wrinkles and gives your skin the kind of soft glow that mutes harsh red tones.  It doesn’t cover it up…it softens the red and brightens the tone.  And it’s not heavy or thick.  It’s silken formula glides right over your skin and worn alone or under makeup really has the ability to flick on your inner skin light.  I’ve been pairing this with the Epione SPF 30 used only as a face and neck moisturizer and they work together beautifully because a little goes a long way.  Initially I was worried that the little crystals of light in the primer would show up on my face like glitter or make me look shiny.  I don’t wear mineral powders because they make me look shiny…I prefer matte.  This somehow manages to give me a glow without making me look like an oil slick.  I do start to get oily my mid-afternoon and out come my blotting papers but that is pretty standard for me.
I’ve been trying to REDUCE product (find and all in one) but until this redness is under control I simply have no choice.  I was intrigued by this primer and the other Kumaara products I’ve received from Meg as well.  But this was my first to try since I had an immediate need to address.  Kumaara is the Sanskrit word for “youth” and really isn’t that what we’re all searching for here?  The secrets that will turn back the hands of time and give us the skin we had at 19 so we don’t have to do the dive-tuck-and-roll behind the nearest garbage can?  Heck…I’d have scaled the walls and skimmed the trees like Spiderman and Crouching Tiger’s love child to get the heck out of that awkward situation.
Kumaara – “Everyone deserves youthful skin.  Your skin deserves to look and feel flawless. You also deserve the best that the world offers, in the form of advanced beauty methods that are as natural and nurturing as possible. This philosophy is embodied in Kumaara’s unique and seamless blend of Eastern botanical traditions and Western scientific innovations.”

Share the Kumaara
love because I know everyone is getting this with their points and can’t wait to hear what you think!  Until then…just know that the ONE time you leave the house “less than perfect” is when you are bound to run into your HOT EX!  It’s just Murphy’s law and I don’t know about you but I’m up for beating the hell out of this friggin’ Murphy guy!  GLAM ON!!!!



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