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The fantastic and gorgeous Mio from Kose’ sent Megs Make Up out some of the Seikisho Mask White to test. As I said in the Scott Barnes Hydrating mask post, I have used a bunch of masks in my time. I started to gravitate away from them. They’re fine to apply and I can hang out while they dry but they’re a total pain and mess to remove. I get that stuff all in my hairline, up my nose, on my ears. After the scrubbing to get it off my face looks pretty red.

Ahhh, hooray for technology! Scott Barnes totallly got it right when all you have to do to remove his mask was remove the moist sheet from your face. I loved how easy that was! When the Seikisho Mask White came I saw it came in a tube and my initial thought was “Aargh, another muckety mess to scrub off“. Then I read the directions and was intrigued. It said to put the mask on thick, let it dry and PEEL IT OFF! Peel it off! How genius is that? Just like a scooby-doo villian I could actually peel my face off Just like the inn-keeper that actually was the jewel thief. I was always shocked at those episodes. Back to the mask, I was actually looking forward to trying this!

I waited for when I had a zen moment and followed the directions to the t. I globbed it on thick and waited. While I was waiting, I remembered a tip I was once told. When you’re having an awful T-zone oil break-out and in a pinch here’s a quick remedy. It’s squeeze out, cow on the plastic bottle Elmer’s glue.
You can glob that on your T-zone let it dry and peel it off. In the process you’ll pull out dead skin cells and blackheads. However it’s nowhere near as a nice or relaxing experience as this mask is. This mask smells great, I think I was a little high after my Elmer’s treatment so I wouldn’t try that tip before using heavy machinery.

Here’s what Kose’ has to say about their Seikisho Mask White..”This black mask helps increase clearity and add radiance to your skin. This mask also helps remove dirt and impurities to thoroughly clean skin and enhance translucency of your skin. It adheres closely to the skin surface and lifts away dullness with a mild tingling sensation. Remove the mask to reveal a glowing, smooth complexion. *Formulated with oriental herb extract“.

Ladies please post is Seikisho Mask white has the right formula with their peel off mask or if Elmer’s is where it’s at?

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