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Hello ladies, it’s Chichi, bringing you another Green Chi Tuesday! This week the naturally lovely Nancy from Korres Natural Products, sent their pitch-perfect Party Survival Kit or as I like to call it “the day after” kit. This elegant gold box is a great sampler of five popular Korres products designed to help refresh and energize your mind and body after an all night party. I’m really excited because we will be giving away one of these fabulous little kits to a member just for sharing your best “day after” story.

We’ve all been there. Somehow, last nights short evening out morphed into a late night party and you awake hazed and parched with a full face of make-up trying to put your vague memories into their proper timeline. My first job interview in Los Angeles is a great example. I wasn’t planning on going out but my roommate bribed me into going with her to a local Hollywood bar (Smalls K.O. – R.I.P.) for a “quick drink.” We run into some friends, who happen to be very cute boys, and suddenly we’ve had round after round of cocktails. We than grabbed a cab to an after hours club where we danced until we we’re ready to drop, walked from there to an all-night dinner and the next thing I know a taxi is dropping us off at home at 6:00 am. I fell into bed for a 45-minute power nap and woke up with one hour to prepare myself and get to West Los Angeles for my interview. Luckily, my interviewer happened to be from my hometown and was a Big Talker. He took an instant liking to me and I sat and smiled and nodded for two and a half hours while Mr. Interviewer droned on and on.

A cool shower, three aspirin and a bottle of water helped get me through it, but oh, how I would have loved for this kit to be stocked in my bathroom! It is specifically designed to refresh your senses and calm stressed skin after a sleep-deprived night. Each kit contains:

* Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer SPF 6 (0.34 oz.) to moisturize and brighten skin
* Evening Primrose Eye Cream (0.17 oz) to reduce fine lines and dark circles
* Guava Showergel (1.69 oz) a creamy and foaming gel to brighten your shower and your senses
* Guava Body Butter (1.69 oz) full of vitamin C to stimulate collagen synthesis while Sunflower, Almond and Avocado oils nourish the skin
* Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion (0.47 oz) removes make-up while cleansing and toning the facial skin
* Lemon Refreshing Chewing Gum to freshen breath, prevent tooth decay and reduce bacteria

Like all Korres products, these items are naturally derived with top quality, high efficacy ingredients and are free of synthetic compounds, like parabens, petroleum derivatives and silicones. Perfect for anyone trying to add some eco-friendliness to their beauty routine! Another quality I really appreciate about the entire Korres line is its affordability. All products are reasonably priced to enable every-day use. Thanks to the clever people at Korres for making these amazingly green products affordable for everyone!

Now for the best part! In that same spirit, we at megsmakeup are looking to share the wealth! We have one of these festive little boxes ready to ship to one lucky poster. Just share with our readers your best “morning after” story in this post. We’ll be awarding the best storyteller with your very own Party Survival Kit! You have until Sunday, January 20th to spill all on your most humorous or mortifying morning after. That gives all of you lurkers some time to register here at the site and join the fun! A winner will be announced in my next Green Chi column Tuesday the 22nd!

Don’t forget! You can receive 20% off anything from Korres Natural Products at their Soho location (1100 Wooster Street New York NY 10012) through the month of January by using the code ”megsmakeup” at checkout!

Oh, and by the way – I got the job!

Ladies, please let us know how the Korres Survival Kit helped to get you back in shape after an all night party!
Everyone else: start typing! I can’t wait to hear your stories. Good Luck!

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