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Where did May go? Seriously Goddess Granny here feeling like I blinked and it’s now almost Memorial Day! I guess it’s been a “good Spring” but it honestly feels like it’s all becoming one big blurry-balll that is rolling at a rapid pace and I’m trying to run behind it in my stilettos! Everyone I know seems to be feeling the same way as well as the stress and I’m not sure when it all even got this way but I’m trying to roll along with it as long as I can…traveling a lot which is always hard because “they” have made it that way and not eating in my zone or getting in my workouts also tends to ruffle my feathers a bit.

I keep saying I’m going to “downsize” and AM trying but the more I want to do, the more “stuff” it seems to require. Every class or hobby or self-entertainment project I indulge in “needs” something to insure I’m properly outfitted and prepared to make it happen! I have a drawer for yoga-wear, a drawer for burlesque-ensembles (my alter-ego hobby) a drawer for dance and sporty fitness wear, and a closet that I like to think has what I need at this point to keep me dressed in style for most situations and climates! Add my overflowing vanity and various drawers of cosmetics and products, my hair and nail accessories, the pile of bling real and faux on my dresser that is my finishing touch and I’m STILL underwater when it comes to my “stuff…” Something has to give.

I have, however finally discovered a product that has yet to let me down: I can be exhausted, over-heated, or stressed to the max and this luscious liquid transforms my face into a glowing, smooth, canvas in minutes: Koh Gen Do “Aqua Foundation” is my new right-hand product and it’s truly one that’s worth a million! For 25 years, this company has produced an incredibly pure and ridiculously effective line of GORGEOUS products that until now,were only available to “insiders” of the movie-biz or those in the inner circles of beauty! Founded 25 years ago by Ai Saotone,an actress who needed to preserve and protect her own stressed and overworked sensitive skin, the Koh Gen Do brand has been the darling of THE finest makeup artists in the world for years! Recently the line has expanded and made available to all and we can also now share in the secret that’s been behind the most notable and beautiful faces in over 200 films! Using herbal medicinal treatments and leaving out any fragrance or harsh ingredients, this HD foundation manages to provide THE most amazing skin-finish even though it’s 45% water! 

Fragrance-free, with no parabens, sulfates, synthetics, GMO’s, or other things that we love to hate, this foundation diffuses light and covers like a dream. It manages to look like skin because it blends with your skin so well, and truly nourishes while you wear it with ingredients like sea water, minerals, and white birch. This is NOT a “typical” foundation and trust me, I’ve been on the quest for my HG foundation my entire life: Koh Gen Do is the gold standard for me with a beautiful and believable color-range of shades that illuminate and enhance yet manage to simply look like…well…skin! For  point of reference, I am an NC-25/30 in MAC and wear the BE-1 shade which is absolute perfection on my “neutral toned” fair skin! It slides on and from the first pump and application,you know you have hit the big time in product-perfection! A small amount literally provides a poreless porcelain finish and it’s truly the best foundation I have ever used…I plan to indulge in many more items in the line and from all I’ve heard, that are all simply fantastic and worth EVERY penny! 

You can buy some of the Koh Gen Do Line at Sephora online.

Also the elegant Koh Gen Do site provides a wealth of information and shoot them an email if you have color-matching questions:

They also are very generous about providing samples with purchase and have specials every month…I have been using this for a few months but the word is OUT (check out the “media” segment of their website) and everyone is buzzing about this brand and especially about this breathtaking foundation! I believe that your “canvas” simply MUST be perfect or nothing else you apply will look great so I’m thrilled to have discovered a foundation that effortlessly makes my sensitive and moody skin look perfect even when it’s not! 

Do you also rely on great foundation everyday to set the stage?Koh Gen Do has my devotion and thanks for creating this GREAT “Aqua Foundation! “

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