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Hey Camper’s, CRoman here,
T-G-I-FABULOUS-F! This week, Olga Lorencin-Northrup, owner of Kinara Spa on Robertson Blvd, sent over her ‘Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit’. This three piece sett with mixing bowl and brush comes with instructions for three fun steps to get red-carpet ready!

1. Admitted we were powerless over fine lines and and that our pores had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe hydrating and exfoliating could restore it to vanity.
3. Made adecision to improve texture and reduce pore size while controlling breakouts and acne from now on!

After using the 3-Step Peel (1) Neutralizer (2) and Mask (3), my skin was visibly smoother, pores were smaller and it looked polished, radiant and blemishes were surprisingly less noticeable. More importantly it was ready for make-up. A smooth base makes foundation go on easier and looks smooth and natural. Anyone who winds up looking older with foundation and make-up should consider rough dry skin could be half their problem. I also think I looked really glamorous with the mask on.

My skin was clearly tighter and less porous after the three step mask – plus it was fun to use and I had time to call up my plus-one and practice my step-and-repeat in the mirror! How convenient!

Kinara’s peel is not harsh, and the mask smelled and felt fresh and pure. I am very big on ingredients ladies – I always check them and you should too. Those crazy names – goodand bad – become familiar and as food or anything else goes, you must be aware as a consumer of what you are putting in to your body. I commend Olga for her attention to detail andrespect for the health and intelligence of her customers. Click here for a list of ingredients Kinara posts online for their Red Carpet Facial Kit.

Another thing you will get to know about me is that I like to find out about the brand itself. In this case, the brand Kinara is synonymous with the owner Olga Lorencin-Northrup. She is coming up on the old guard of estitians like Aida Thibiant and EsteeLauder our mothers use to trust. Olga, like each of them in the past, treats each client like a celebrity, is always at the spa,does treatments herself, takes phone calls and answers emails. I noticed a great piece on Olga in Rose Apodaca’s new blog here I would love to share. Rose, a major contributor and influencer of fashion as we know it, is best known as the former West Coast bureau chief at WWD and for her book with Rachel Zoe,Style A to Zoe. Please read her truly insightful profile of Olga: My Pick of the New Gaurde of Skin Diezensin Los Angeles.

Any other Kinara fanatics out there?

,Kinara Buy It Here.

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