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Meg here! Kimberly Parry Organics is a new brand…To me. It’s not a new brand to the most exclusive spa’s in the world! Yes, Terranea. Spa Montage. Canyon Ranch. Four Seasons. I’ve heard of them, you’ve heard of them-most importantly, they’ve all heard of Kimberly Parry Organics.


They’re a number of items people are gaga for in this line but I have two I am using religiously. I know, I know, we are told we have to wash our face every night before bed. I’m sure you do this. I don’t. I never remember to. Actualy, that’s a lie. I remember to, I’m just tired and lazy so I rarely do. 

Kimberly Parry Organics Cleansing Oil  lives in my shower and is part of my morning wash routine (you know, the one I was ordered to do the night before but instead fell asleep full makeup face on.) With all the primer I use, my daily makeup is painted on like war paint. I’ve gotten all of the staying factor down to an art and it is not moving. A refreshing cleanser for all skin types which also makes an excellent makeup remover.The oil cleansing method is a wonderful way to replenish and balance the skin.This wonderful product cleanses your pores of dirt and bacteria while replacing the dirty oil with nutritious oils that heal and protect your skin.When used consistently, Cleansing Oil  will leave your skin healthy and balanced. “

I am completely bare faced by the time I step out of my morning shower. Not only that but my skin is feeling F.I.N.E.!  The essential oils repair the stripping my dermis just took so not only was it a step in removing my makeup, it was like a mini spa treatment to heal my skin. Who knew being such a night time slacker was actually beneficial!

HOT TIP! My very famous celebrity dermatologist told me the following… Your face serum is most effective one minute after you get out of your hot, steamy shower. That’s when you’re pores are still open and the serum can seep in and be the most effective.

Step 2 that’s making my skin look better than ever!


Kimberly Parry Organics Recovery Serum! Love this potion! LOVE. I have actually gone out WITHOUT makeup and had people comment how amazing my complexion is. My face doesn’t look dull or grey or old. The serum seeps into my skin and it makes my face feel so soft. It is hydrating, soothing and I see a major difference from before I started this duo. It was like my face was a dried out dehydrated plant that needed wanter (if you will.) Here’s the 411 on my miracle jar A results oriented serum that absorbs quickly and delivers deep hydration and healing properties to the skin.This powerful combination of nourishing pure plant oils provides your skin with essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids necessary for healthy and glowing skin. RECOVERY SERUM will promote new tissue formation, accelerate healing and give your skin a healthy glow. This is the perfect serum to use when your skin needs to recover from environmental stress, illness or natural aging process.”

Since my skin has become um, “mature” I definitely notice when I skip my Recovery Serum. I guess it’s like flossing. You’re supposed to do it. You don’t but then once you get in the swing of it you’re committed.

Kimberly Parry Organics is obviously ORGANIC. Kimberly is an actual person. A very cool woman. She was in the corporate world and fley around the globe. Hotel to hotel. To unwind, Kimberly would visit each of her hotel’s spa. Thus becoming a “spa junkie.” These were some of the most expensive, prestigious spas in the world. Kimberly would purchase all of the products only to be left very disappointed. Kimberly left the corporate world and entered the world of organics. She learned the benefits of every plant and every oil. She became the ideal person to create a brand that high end spas needed. They need natural products that sctually worked. I can attest, they are working for me.

What spas have you visited and what products have you loved? Give Kimberly Parry Organics a try!


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