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Desertdoll here to bring you some brand new finds from a favorite line…

I use no less then 11 beauty products when getting ready for bed. My bedtime ritual: (count along with me, won’t you?) 1. A swipe of Eye Makeup Remover 2. and 3. “Sonically” clean my face (device and Cleanser) 4. Toner 5. Serum 6. Eye Cream 7. “Zap” any blemishes followed by 8. Acne Cream 9. Hand Cream 10. Foot Lotion and 11. Lip Balm. If I shower before bed, add at least 6 more products. On any given night there might be a wild card product as well. Moisturizer, cuticle butter, a product specifically aiming to fix whatever my latest obsession is (right now it’s a neck cream). Some nights I may do them all. That’s 20 products…

As you can imagine, this all takes some time. My hubby has already been in bed for 15 minutes by the time I crawl next to him. The other night I lay down but quickly hopped out of bed to grab something to read to which he exclaimed, (with mock urgency in his voice) “What’s wrong? Did you forget to put cream on something?!”

I remember when all I needed to get ready for bed was to wash my face. But alas, these days it takes more than some oatmeal soap to keep me looking fresh. My cabinet looks like my very own department store! Cause really, who has just ONE of any product? Certainly not me. For someone who likes a simple life-it can get kind of confusing.

There is one brand that I use more than any other. I’ve used (and continue to buy) them for every product listed above (minus the electronics), and I can’t say that for any other brand. You know them, I love them-it’s Kiehl’s!

Getting the chance to write about the line during our special South Coast Plaza week was one of my favorite assignments here at megsmakeup. When my new favorite person in the whole world, SCP Kiehl’s manager Rae, contacted me a few weeks ago and said she was sending some brand new products for us to test, I wondered if it was possible to love her anymore? (Answer: no) Snuggled amongst potpourri in a gorgeous red box with a gold bow were 3 new items along with some travel sizes of their classics.

First up was their new Ultra Facial Cleanser and Toner , the newest additions to their ultra line (lead by Ultra Facial Moisturizer-a best seller since it’s introduction in the 70’s). These follow suit: straightforward, gentle formulas that hydrate, soften and condition while being suitable for all skin types-even sensitive. This is effective, no nonsense skin care at it’s absolute best.

Both products dissolves excess oil, dirt and makeup and left my skin feeling so clean and soft that since their arrival I haven’t reached for anything else. The cleanser is formulated with a sugar-derived glycoside foaming agent and the Toner has no alcohol in it, so neither will over-dry or strip skin of its natural oils. Both contain emollients like Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil, and are PH-balanced to maintain your skin’s natural balance.

But I’m REALLY feeling the love for their Superbly Restorative Dry Oil. Derived from Argan oil, only found in the Argan forest in Morocco, this has twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil and is prized for it’s ability to “restore resilience, strength, smoothness and moisture levels to underwhelmed and under-nourished skin and hair”. Give me a exotic ingredient, I’m intrigued. Tell me it will nurture my dry skin, soften my hair and strengthen my nails, I’m excited. But it’s the product itself that has made me a believer. It’s got the lightest and most refreshing scent that mixes perfectly with anything. Plus, my skin absorbed it instantly and it left behind a actual glow. A tiny bit in the ends of hair worked beautifully, as did a few drops on my hands before bed. Best of all, it’s a purchase you can feel good about as it’s 100% organic and fairly traded to support the development and sustainability of the region it’s from. If you’ve never been a fan of oils before, I’m positive this is the one to change your mind. But there’s a lotion version too, just in case.

So, let’s hear it-do you love Kiehl’s new items or do you LOVE Kiehl’s new items?

Kiehl’s – Buy the Ultra Facial collection here! (The Superbly Restorative Dry Oil is too new for even the website, but keep checking-it’s so worth it!)


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