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kenetmd24karatGoddess Granny wishing you a fabulous 4th! Hope you get to take the extra  time and do something nice for yourself or someone else. Lots of barbecues, outdoor activities and sales here. I even heard of a race taking place that I would LOVE to attend, the “Cupcake Run”: you run 1/2 mile, eat a cupcake, then run backwards the other 1/2 mile….hello? That’s my idea of a true competition for sure! Next year I’m so in!

I truly do believe that your physical “outsides” are a direct reflection of diet and exercise and of what goes on inside. When you cannot (or will not-I see you slinking down in the chair…) get yourself moving and eating cleanly for the sake of your heart and your soul, you’ll probably need to rely more heavily on professional advice. You’ll need products and procedures because not one among us can or should try to stay gorgeous alone! No judgments, I totally believe in the the whatever gets ya’ by theoryKissWe all want to look and feel amazing!

I have an wonderful Derma Doc that has taken care of my skin for 20 years…Yes,i t’s needed help for that long as well! I LOVE that current technology allows not only cutting edge procedures to be more available and affordable but that we as consumers can and should do our homework before allowing anyone to “practice” on our precious faces. Of course, NYC has an amazing concentration of “the best of the best” in terms of dermatologists and every other type of physician but Dr. Barney Kenet stands out. He not only stands out for his  impressive collection of degrees from THE best medical schools but also for his caring, gentle and holistic approach. The approach to the art and science of diseases of the skin, skincare and beauty! Listed as one of “The Best Doctor’s in NYC” for 15 consecutive years and the author of several books relating to the care of the skin, I truly believe from all reviews that if I lived in this fair city, he’d sure be MY go to guy for fabulous skin!

Not only do his patients love him but celebrities on both coasts swear by his positively fabulous line of skin care products and I’m going to be among those who believe in what he creates! I can honestly say that his belief in an “artistic approach” to medicine is special and says to me that he GETS what WE as consumers and if your lucky, patients require for after the office visit regular results!

We all know I LOVE my “products” and that generally includes makeup in every imaginable form. I have said before that anything you put on your skin to guild the lily MUST be preceded by the most cared for and flawless skin “canvas” you can create! You simply must give your skin,no matter what type, what it needs to be nourished and protected, day and night. I believe in investing in products with proven results and find that “clinical” vs. “cosmetic” grade products ALWAYS deliver the best results. They contain much more in the way of actual active ingredients as oppose to fillers and other components. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to wanting the best possible edge in caring for your skin!

When I opened the plush gold velvet pouch and held the (generous) glass bottle of “KenetMD 24K Gold Serum” in my hand, I had a “moment”: I already knew that what was contained inside would be precious, vital and valuable for the care of my skin! This serum is like no other in that it contains flecks of actual 24K gold not for sparkle or for a gimmick, but because through the ages, this precious metal has been known for it’s skin healing and anti-aging properties! This serum reduces inflammation, softens age spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles VERY quickly and noticeably!

I used this daily for about a week before I realized I HAD to share my experiences asap: my skin has been re-textured and I’m not sure that in spite of my considerable and consistent efforts, it’s ever looked better! I have a smooth radiance and more visibly even skin tone and if you apply the serum under makeup, it’s absolutely the BEST and most effective primer I have used! Full of rich and luxurious oils and essentials it’s like applying a drop of pure magic to your face! You need only a tiny amount, it glides on perfectly and easily and within seconds, you look more rested and vibrant! I am usually a girl who prefers silver BUT absolutely believe we have struck GOLD with Dr. Kenet’s serum! Here’s the best thing: it’s rare I don’t have some sort of “spot” someplace whether due to testing too many products, a foundation that is less than, or from hours of sweating because I do workout but I haven’t had ONE SINGLE blemish,spot,or bump since I began using this KenetMD’s serum! That is itself is worth the price to me! Perfect for all skin types and at initial application, there is a slight and wonderful scent, maybe a light citrus but it just melts away with seconds!

I repeat, you need only a minuscule amount and if, like me, you stress over your skin not being what you believe for your efforts it should be (perfect of course!) then you’ll understand and agree that it’s worth the cost! I can see the ounce lasting literally for months if not longer so it’s like that par of pricey but MUST have shoes you know will make you feel like Cinderella every time you wear. Worth it without a second thought! This product is remarkable and I can’t wait to begin to use everything in the KenetMD line because to me, having beautiful skin IS being beautiful!

Buy it here and be sure to browse the site for rave reviews and just because it’s so classy and elegant!

I believe in making solid investments and one of THE best investments you can make is in yourself, your looks, your health and your confidence! When you know you have invested wisely, it shows and reflects in everything you use, wear and DO! Are you also a believer in investing in great products that give THE best results?

Buy It Here!

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