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kenetmdpolisherI’m telling you, she is making me crazy!!! Our Meg that is: one day she’s in NYC and the next she’s in flippin’ LIMA, Peru? Seriously,Goddess Granny is having a heck of a time trying to keep my finger on the pulse of this girl’s travels! I think it’s fabulous and exciting, and that in my opinion, there is NO better way to learn,grow and be “taught” than to travel! MOST preferable outside our own country! I can’t wait to hear her stories and you know she’ll be getting the juicy on all things beautiful on the other side of the world!

I myself am at home writing and  listening to Etta James: if you don’t know who she is, please do yourself a favor and give her a listen because it doesn’t get much better than her voice! “I want a Sunday kind of love…a love to last past Saturday night…” I think we all do but some of those “Saturday night “loves” can be fun tooKiss What I love about Sunday’s is that they’re like a “get out of jail” free card way to start the week for many of us! We tend to do more of what we enjoy and less of the stuff we have to do! For me, Sundays always end with my “everyday love”, a big bowl of popcorn and a movie or some great cable TV! I also love to take the time to do some maintenance: heavy-duty hair conditioner, body scrubs with dry brushing, baths with so many products propped around the edge of the tub that I must look like an ad for “plastic bottles…” It’s not easy being glam but if you DO certain things on a regular daily, weekly or even monthly basis! You find that things tend to last longer and stay sweeter than if you simply go into combat-attack mode in your beauty routines!

I do have a great long-time Derma-Doc locally and without him, I’d be a mess…seriously. There is nothing you can hide from those magnifying mirrors! Even if you have perfect skin, it’s always a great idea to visit one every so often to insure that it stays that way! I don’t think there’s anything that changes faster (besides Meg’s zip code) than our skin! I would LOVE to visit our friend Dr. Kenet’s office in NYC because as Meg and I both have mentioned before,he’s responsible for keeping some of the most gorgeous faces in the world camera-ready at all times! I am literally in LOVE with his “24K  Gold Serum” NOT because of the luxury price tag, but because it’s absolutely the best under makeup,skin-perfector and soother I’ve ever tried! The good Dr. has literally managed to capture the essence of glowing, illuminated skin in a simple bottle and I am forever grateful…

Dr. Kenet’s brilliantly edited line of products give you exactly what you “need” for beautiful skin and my second-favorite product in his line is well within anyone’s budget! Kenet MD “pH Polisher” is an absolutely gorgeous skin “buffer” that’s intended to be used on Sunday as part of his weekly- routine. It’s included in the skincare kits recently described by Meg but it’s also available as a single product. Presented in a clean plastic bottle with a flip lid (and I truly appreciate that the high- quality really IS inside the packaging with Dr. Kenet’s products) this “polisher” is like no other exfoliator I’ve used! Instead of little bits of “rough stuff” that grind away at the surface of your skin, pH Polisher is formulated with a non-irritating and non-cloggng BEESWAX blend and when you apply to damp skin, it gently “buffs” rather than grinds at your pretty-pores! I adore the light scent of honey and almond and I don’t know how it does such an incredible job of smoothing the skin without being invasive in the slightest but it DOES! After rinsing off the light foam, you’ll be left with glowing and gorgeous skin you can see the difference in immediately!

This is the gentlest but most effective “exfoliator” I’ve ever used and because it’s safe for all skin types,even my sensitive, it’s truly a must have for your Sunday routine as well! It paves the way for a beautiful week of skin ahead because it does a great job of treating your skin like the precious covering it is! My derma-Doc recently mentioned to me that he’s seeing a “new sort” of skin ailment in women who are over-zealous with makeup brushes (please clean them often!) and harsh scrubbing products that create tiny ‘tears” in the skin that bacteria can get into and wreck havoc! God knows we don’t need to cause damage to ourselves with our environment today so if there was a single product I feel “targets” the way we all SHOULD be cleansing our skin on a weekly basic to remove dead cells and clean it completely,it would be Dr. Kenet’s amazing “pH Polisher!!!

Your pores and your derma-Doc will love you for treating your best asset with care and the respect it deserves…it maintains your “PH” and gets rid of the sins of a week of grime and pollution while you bask in the lovely scent and delightfull results! Almost too easy…~!

Buy it here and yes,the price really IS great for such a fabulous and distinctive product!

I am in awe of Dr. Kenet’s line of products so far and they have opened my eyes to the “less really IS more” philosophy of clinical skin care! When the products and ingredients are created by the best in the biz (Dr. Barney J. Kenet),you  just can’t go wrong! I think its great to be able to have access to the same phenomenal  level of skin care as the celebrities!

Have you tried any of Dr. Kenet’s products and don’t you agree that if your skin looks amazing,the rest of what you put on it will be as well? Invest in your skin first and take care of it…you will be rewarded everyday!

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