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aloesoap1BabyLove here!  My vacation in Florida is coming to an end, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be planning a vacation from this vacation.  Three weeks with my children, non stop, is really enough.  I love them dearly, but at least at home I get a bit of a break.  I’m not looking forward to returning to New England’s weather, but I am looking forward to my own bed and my dogs!

 This next product, Kate Quinn’s Aloe Soap Suds, was sent to me for review under the impression that my kids would be the guinea pigs.  I have to say, this was not the case, because I snatched it right away from them after the first time I used it as a face wash.  They both had a chance to sample this fantastic wash, briefly, and now it belongs to me.
 This regular sized, bar of soap comes in a brown, cardboard box.  It’s nothing special to look at, but it’s certainly special to use.  100% natural, and made from lavender and aloe, this soap had the stuff to keep my face smooth, clear, moist, and protected from the harsh northern winter.  It did not get sudsy, but instead provided a gel-like lather that you would expect from a bottle of cleanser.  My face is very sensitive, and I usually have a few red, irritated spots on my cheeks.  I don’t know if it was the aloe in the bar, or what, but the inflammation in my face definitely decreased every time I used this. After this fortunate discovery, the few times that William’s eczema flared up, I sat him in a tub and lathered his legs with this.  I’m almost done with the bar, and I guarantee I will be buying two new bars, one for William, and one for me.

 Since they are an upscale clothing boutique, Kate Quinn offers very limited bath products, in fact, this might be their only one.  I’d really like to see them start manufacturing a bath line, because if it could be anything like their Aloe Soap Suds, it would be a winner.

O.K. Mamma’s ‘fess up! What “baby product” has made its way onto “mommy’s vanity?


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