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Meg here, I have not been able to get on-line. I got my new laptop and all will be in order in the house of soon!

I had this friend, she really could turn anything into an argument. I’ve since cut the friendship loose because one can only take walking on eggshells for so long. Anyhow, we had a tattoo discussion. She was in favor of them. I’m not really into anything enough to permanently etch it on my skin for eternity. Her take on this was that I have commitment issues. My take was that I didn’t want to be searching for derma-blend for spaghetti straps.

She said “Everyone that has a tattoo gets one because it stands for something.”

I pointed out that in my high school there was this kid named Dean that got the Domino’s Pizza Noid tattoo’ed on his shoulder so I didn’t necessarily find this theory to hold up. Boy did she get mad.

I remember watching the “Eyes of Tammy Faye” documentary. God love her, I loved that zany Tammy. Anyway, there’s this classic scene where she goes to a photo shoot. The photographer says “Tammy, please go wash your face so we can do make-up.” Something like that anyhow. She washes her face and…She looks the exact same! All the make-up was tattoo’ed on. C’mon that’s good! That’s really sticking to what you think works!

I went to my plastic surgeon’s today and he was showing me his newest and greatest lasers. One of them can fry off a tattoo. Then I got home, I read that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green called off their relationship. I was thinking she may not want to continue with his named plastered across her epidermis and that I should forward my surgeon’s info to her.

It’s expensive to do though, not the tat..The removal.

Maybe when people get married they should be forced to have their mates name tattoo’ed on their body. It’s such a headache to cover it-this maybe the incentive to go back and make the relationship work

My favorite argument is…”Do you think you’re going to want that tattoo when you’re 80?”

This is why I will be getting a tattoo…When I’m 80 years-old.

If I haven’t found something I can permanently commit to at that point then maybe my ex-volatile friend had a point. Maybe I’m a commitment phobe.

So let us know! What, where and why have you inked? We are going to get some KAT VON D off to our best tattoo story!


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