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The wonderful and amazing Tamlyn sent two of their generous items, lets start with the first, The Julie Hewett Boudoir Palette.

Generally, anything named “boudoir” is a win with me. My boudoir is so lovely. I have all glass and mirrored furniture. My California king is the “celebrity edition” Tempur-pedic. My theme is all black and white art deco with few red pieces thrown in for spot color. The art on my wall? Erte, of course. Every women’s bedroom should have an Erte on the wall. If you do a print then do a print! Erte should be in every women of taste’s bedroom. To top it off, I placed a gorgeous multi-crystal chandeliar over my bed. No matter how bad a mood I am in, I lay under the multitude of glistening crystals and I feel beautiful and sexy.

It may be the crystals dripping with me on a black and white background. Ditch the florals sweetie, mask your guests in black and white, it is always in!

My Julie Hewett Boudoir Palette encompasses the sexy black and white theme with it’s gorgeous day-to-day slim, compact worthy colors. It’s a beautiful multi-tasking set for eyes, lips and cheeks. The sultry shades are ideal for the ultimate glamour girl. I pop this in my cosmetic case along wih my pressed powder, mascara, and lipgloss and I am ready for anything! The shades just glides on, the color pigment is sultry and sexy and lasts and lasts. This would be the perfect holiday gift for a sexy, Hollywood type.

Ladies, Let us know what you felt about Julie Hewett’s Boudoir!


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