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Hey there, Rachael will be back next Thursday with her fantastic DD’s. She was gracious enough to let me bump her to bring you the inside scoop on Juice Organics!

There has been a bunch of chatter as of late on the Juice Beauty/ Juice Organics deal. I know a bunch of you were confused…Is this Juice Beauty? Is it a knock-off of Juice Beauty? I wasn’t quite sure myself.

I just got off the phone with the delightful and brilliant Karen Behnke. She is such a wonderful woman and is so into the “natural” thing she drives a dented, black Prius. She could probably afford a MacLaren F1 but that doesn’t even begin to fit in a blender. Karen created the Juice Beauty line and I need to know, was my friend being sold on Canal Street?

Here’s what Karen told me…“I was going to be ripped off! A major (she’s too much of a lady to tell me who) cosmetic company was going to try to steal our vision, our ideas, some of our ingredients and put them into drugstores. I just could not let that happen. Juice Beauty means too much to me. I work so hard to make it perfect! I decided to beat that company to the punch. I worked so hard to make Juice Organics the most natural line in the drugstore. I couldn’t have some big conglomerate try to cash in on what was a company made with love with products that worked! It would only hurt Juice Beauty if I was not involved in this branch. I decided to do it myself, that way I could quality control every aspect. Juice Organics is me.”

So there you have it, Juice Beauty is Juice Organics. Sort of. Here’s the deal…Juice Beauty is made up of 28 different juices and every expensive age defying ingredient know to man. Juice Organics (while still better then most of the drugstore brands) is made up of 6 different juices and a much, much less concentrated version of the age-reducing ingredients.

It’s like this, you know when Karl Largerfeld does a line for H&M you know you’re going to find cute stuff. It’s trendy and affordable but it’s not his real line. It’s the affordable interpretation. While I love H&M and Karl, once a year I buy a “REAL” Karl Chanel Blazer. It’s a fortune.But I’ll always wear it. I’ll always wear it and once I’m gone, whatever lucky brown-noser made their way into my heart will inherit it. Then they’ll always wear it. Once gone, their brown-noser will in turn inherit it and it will always be worn. Always.

So, Juice Beauty is couture. The most fabulous ingredients, the best anti-agers. Juice Organics? It’s their H&M version. A great way to be introduced to their line to help you decide if you like it enough to move up to The Big Girl League.

Any ladies wish to chime in on either juice?

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