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jb1Sweetassgal here getting ready to bring you plenty of love in my upcoming reviews thanks to the amazing women at Juice Beauty!  Meg has stocked me with plenty of JB to last for weeks of reviews and I’m happy to say I’m luxuriating in them ALL!  95% Organic, check, passionate women check check, not just some faceless corporate makeup machine…check all the way to the organic beauty aisle at Whole Foods.  But where to start?

Well ladies…doesn’t all beauty begin with a clean canvas?  Why yes, it does!  So it’s Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Gel for combo/oily skin for us today.  I have high expectations for any cleansing product because I expect it to do a myriad of miraculous wonders for my skin.  I need a flawless palette upon which to ply my makeup wares and anything short of my expectations is going to end up in la garbaaage.  That’s a tall order for any cleanser.  Throw in the hurdles of being based in organic principals and ingredients and you’ve not only got a hurdle…you’ve got the frickin’ Golden Gate Bridge to clear.  

Juice Beauty uses a “refreshing blend of certified organic, antioxidant-rich cherry and lemon juices, purifying botanicals and soothing cleansers that will gently remove impurities to clarify and balance, while protecting skin’s natural moisture”.  First off let me state that this is a product that initially sets you up to be a little underwhelmed.  Side note movie blurb from 10 Things I Hate About You…
I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?

Bianca: I think you can in Europe.

I LOVE that line…okay…I’m back!  Reason for my initial worries, upon first pump the cleanser seemed a little thin, there are no foaming properties to give you that false feeling of super cleansing security, and to be honest…the scent was not my favorite.  But knowing Juice Beauty’s stellar reputation I proceeded and applied to my face.  

I worked the cooling gel all over, removed it with a damp cloth and gave a final cool splash rinse.  First to notice was that all of my makeup was thoroughly removed, my skin was left clean without feeling stripped and my cheeks felt super, super soft!  Incredibly soft!  I followed with other JB products (to be reviewed in coming weeks) and went to bed. 

Waking up the next morning I felt my skin retained its softness and smoothness and there was no overnight build up of excess oil.  I have been doing this every day for the last two weeks and my skin has remained relatively clear (two aggravated twin-zits set up camp on both sides of my nostrils at my girlie time…look at me…I’m equally hormonal coming at you from the left OR the right!) but they are long gone.  I don’t have any of those knot like pimples that tend to appear at my jaw line so that’s a major coup in itself.  But most of all, I have the pleasure of knowing I’m doing something great for my skin that is equally beatifying the inner me while respecting the planet.

So back to my issues on the state of my “whelmness”…one pump of Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel is enough to cover your whole face so a quick dollop and rub into your skin goes faster than gravity can run in down your finger.  No worries there.  Next, the ingredients that make most cleansers bubble and foam simply aren’t good for you and I was right when I said they give us a false sense of cleanliness.  I use a lot of product during the day including primers and this removes every last bit.  Lastly, I was not a fan of the smell and as many of you know…I’m a sucker for scents.  Well…I’m still not loving it but it dissipates right away once you’ve rinsed and the organic cleansing powers and softening effects are enough to let it go.  I checked online and reviews abound saying the same thing.  People aren’t wild for the smell but it works so well they simply do NOT care…they love this effective yet gentle cleanser!  

Mama always taught me to pick my battles and in this case, responsible beauty that is effective and good for the environment wins out over my need to have everything smell like orchard blossoms in springtime!  Besides…another Juice Beauty product I will be reviewing later leaves me LOVING the smell that comes up to my nose and it’s not just a quick clean and rinse step like the cleanser is.  All in all…if you are concerned about the ingredients in your beauty products and demand organic then Juice Beauty is a great option.  See you next week for the second step in our JB routine of organic loveliness!  GLAM ON!

What Juice Beauty Product are you Juiced over?

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