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juicebeautytintedmoisturizer“No, I think she’s in her early forties.” Roxy said to me. I just shook my head and said “Can’t be, I went to her 34th birthday party last year. I know she does botox. I’ve been going with her forever. She lived in Florida. That’s all sun damage.”

Ain’t that the truth. Meg here and you all know me, I enjoy a cocktail or 4, and been trying to completely kick it but have cut down 90% on the damn cigs. I hear quitting heroine is easier. Thankfully, I don’t really have anyone to call to ask if this fact is true. Anyhow, I haven’t been an angel on the healthy living (understatement of the year) and my skin still looks pretty darn good.

Aside from one year of South Beach, Florida living (where I didn’t actually sun bathe all that much) I’ve never been much of a sun worshipper. I, of course did the tanning beds before school dances and yes, here and there would lie out. Being all Irish doesn’t really lend a lot to motivate one to go lie out. I usually have my sexy casper white skin turn to an even hotter (yes definitely hotter) painful, crimson red. Usually it will end up peeling so I’m back to what I started with. Really attractive stuff. Thankfully, I found this process annoying so I was happy to fake it with self tanner creams and bronzers.

The weather, while sporadic has definitely been heating up on the West Coast and we’ve already had some days that hit 80%. I know my east coast friends are all happily putting their down coats away. Spring is Sprunging so here’s to saving your face. I mean how much damage could Mr. Smiley Sunshine do? Well, if you missed the story of a friend of mine looking ten years older than she is (and nope, not a smoker.) Take in this little gem, up to 80% of aging to your face is caused by the sun.

Ever since I got my zippy little convertible I make sure that I have sunscreen on my face. My dermatologist threatened to disable the “top down” feature. Take note fellow convertible drivers, those are a skin risk as well!

Just when it seems you have to invest in a burka, the “beauty balm” craze hits. It’s wonderful to have a moisturizing, SPF full coverage and there are a lot on the market right now. If you want to play it safe and not only avoid the sun, but also parabens and chemicals-then let me introduce you to a natural and effective solution, Juice Beauty! SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer.

Juice Beauty has been “green” before “green is the new black.” Founder Karen Behnke is the ultimate ecco warrior. She thinks about this healthy earth stuff and clean makeup all day long. That’s great. It means we don’t have to.

I use the Tinted Mineral Moisturizer in Sand. It’s hydrating yet provides me with coverage. It evens out my skin tone around where I can get a little red uneven discoloration, red around nostrils, a little dark under-eyes. The formula blends really well so there’s no streaking and since it is moisturizing, I don’t feel like it’s pulling as I work it around my skin. I can use fingers with this formula. No heavy blending sponges required.

I am happily driving off into the sunset with my Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer and yes, the top is down!

How many of you are behaving with the sun? What beauty balms do you love?

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