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Sweetassgal here delving into more of Meg’s goodies from my bottomless bag of fun.  Up today is Juice Beauty’s Hydrating Mist….bring on the JUICE!
In last weeks review I extolled the virtues of caring for your skin and not damaging it with harmful sun rays and abuse.  Well pot…call me kettle because I’m black!  Or RED as the case may be!  I spent about 5 hours in the warm California afternoon sun this last weekend pulling weeds and clearing away winter debris making way for the buds of spring.  It was a glorious day replete with a little 10 minute siesta lying on my back in the fresh grass beneath the shade a tree staring at an azure blue sky.  I have to say, as I mused philosophically to myself…“why don’t we take more time to lay back and just enjoy the splendor of a spring day?”.  Because we all get too busy that’s why and its a darn shame.  Just like I was too busy to properly apply my all over sun block.  Though I took a few moments to hit the highlights, I failed to get far enough to the center of my back and ended up with two red crescents on my shoulders where the sun was and my sun block and tank top weren’t.  Shame, shame…I know your name and it’s ANGIE!
Juice Beauty’s Hydrating Mist to the rescue!  Now…I know this lovely little mist is intended for your face, and rightfully so as its naturally light, fresh and hydrating.  However I found it was a welcome relief to my dry and tight sun burnt skin.  At first application I feared it would be sticky but it soaked right in immediately quenching my thirsty skin and leaving it with a soft and dewey glow.  I was immediately hooked.  If it worked this well on my damaged skin how would it do on my face?  Wonders I’d imagine and since I didn’t sleep much last night I cheated my morning routine today.  Around 10:00 this morning I closed my eyes, gave my tired skin a spritz and patted the mist gently into my skin with the tips of my fingers.  I was immediately taken by the light, botanic and spa like scent. PERFECT for daydreaming about running through a field of fresh cut grass and wild flowers!  The scent lingered just long enough to give me a refreshing boost and the elixir sank immediately into my skin allowing for a quick powder touch up almost immediately.  I felt like the essence of spring!
I’m not sure I would recommend this for those who use heavy foundation or concealer as a mid day refresher, though its wonderfully uplifting first thing in the morning when applied to a clean face.  And I would definitely remind everyone to close their eyes upon application…it can sting if you don’t.  But overall its such a light and hydrating mist that I think anyone who uses it in the lighter makeup months (I can’t stand heavy makeup when the mercury rises) will find it a welcome relief on a dry hot summer day.  Keep a little bottle around when you’ve just had it with the drying heat and ravages of daily pollution to block out those icky cell killers and give your skin a drink of antioxidant rich white grape juice.  Then head out to a sidewalk cafe for some adult grape juice and watch the passersby marvel at what a fresh faced beauty you are!
Here’s what Juice Beauty says… harmonic blend of certified organic, antioxidant-rich white and red grape juices, soothing aloe vera, nutrient-rich rosehip, grapeseed oil and vitamins to hydrate and balance skin’s natural moisture for a fresh complexion.  Mist lightly on freshly cleansed skin and throughout the day for exhilarating refreshment to balance, tone and hydrate your skin.

Who couldn’t use a fresh burst of spring in the convenience of a bottle? 

What do you think ladies?!  GLAM ON!!


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