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Meg here! I had organic wine at lunch so I visited this fabulous new vacation spot called “Black Out Island.” I’m a rewards member and the locals are quite friendly. You should try it if you have a comfortable bed. Don’t go when in mixed company or if you have to give a speech before you leave.

I am obsessed with Juice Beauty because it works. I’m not too concerned with my carbon footprint. I don’t have children so I feel as though even if I’m being wasteful and using up the earth’s resources, it will stop with me in another 40 years (God willing.)

That said, I have A LOT of stuff I need to finish here on earth so I’m not looking for a quick exit. I shoot botox and any poison into my head that I think will keep me young so keep that in mind. Also, I’ll never stop dying my hair. I look terrible grey so that’s reason enough for my to not procreate. I would like to say it is about being ecco conscious, it’s not. It’s about being vain.

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple peel really works. I know that sounds crazy because it’s actually good for you. I know? Something that’s good for you and works? Novel concept.

Listen to this, I had to travel with the owner of Juice Beauty, Karen Behnke to New York City. I say “had to” because, well I “had to.” I knew a little about Karen and I did what we all do. I made preconceived notions and labeled her as “not fun” because she is from San Francisco and green and healthy and works out. I know, I know, I’m a total ass. So I quit smoking (still trying but had a good 30 day run prior to our trip because I was pretty sure “Miss Ecco” would have an organic coronary if I stepped out for a smoke-that was accurate.) And I was pretty nervous for our trip. How green am I? I don’t litter and I do try to get the recyclable glass wine bottles in the right garbage. So I’m no environmental hero. Off point, can Global Warming hurry the heck up? I live in Southern California for a reason and I’m freezing.

My trip? Well, Karen Behnke is cool, really cool. Get half a beer in her and I would take her out on the town cool. So much for preconceived notions. What’s really awesome about her is that not only does she wholeheartedly devote her life to making the earth a cleaner, greener place-she’s done it with success. The proof is in the pudding ladies, her arm is the pudding.

Behnke was quite the athlete in her younger days and like all of us in our younger days, she didn’t think much about aging or sun spots. Karen was an avid athletic swimmer and the sun beat down on her skin. Years later it showed up.She developed Juice Beauty and her peel is a beauty editor favorite. She had to demonstrate the peel on her arm. She would swab on some, hold her arm up and say “look how nourishing.” She would do this over and over on the same spot on her arm. Guess what happened? (And as God as my witness, I’ve seen the results.) The spot where she had shown the product? That spot on her arm is flawless. Really. Not one ounce of discoloration or freckle or anything. It’s like baby skin. If I were Karen (because we all know she can get to the stuff) I would slather my entire body in it and be born again. She would but we can’t let her. The “before” and “after” on her arm is too much of a valuable marketing tool. I mean, she’s green but she also has to make it.

This peel works. That’s my endorsement. I know that and $1.50 will get me a coffee but it works. If you have sun worshipped or have acne scars or anything that you’re unhappy with on yourself then commit to doing this peel regimine and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

THe fact there’s no harmful chemicals in there? Yeah, awesome. However, harmful chemicals have never been a dealbreaker for me but it’s nice to know I’m by using this product I’m not just saving my face.

I made this video with my main gay Denny. He loves the peel as well! I hope you enjoy it! HOW GREEN ARE YOU?


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