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peelMeg here! It’s really funny the things that you remember from when you’re little. Funny in the “oh right, this is why therapy is big business” way. Then there’s funny in the “figures I would cling to that story, just a preview of things to come.”

I loved to read when I was little (still do) and there was some childrens story about the farm pigs getting drunk on fermented apples. Does anyone remember that scene? Super bonus points if you can remember what book it was. I just loved the idea of drunk pigs. It wasn’t until I was older until I realized that you could fit that description at any Hollywood bar.

More than the pigs I looked at apples with a new appreciation. I heard the whole bit about apples and doctors but I had never known the party potential. Who knew apples were so strong? And such a good time? Forget BYOB, I’ve got a pound of Granny Smith’s in the trunk!

Juice Beauty organic skincare knew! I need to educate you on what I learned. I literally walked into Sephora and the saleslady told me “that is definitely the strongest facial peel we have here.” I heard that and didn’t think it could be true, I mean I don’t join the words “Natural” and “Organic” with strong. Let’s refer back to my apple story and here is more info that the acid in fruits can really trip you out. I mean, in a good way of course.

Not to get all science guy on you but this is sort of interesting The Patented Green Apple Peel Ingredients that make it so powerful and effective:
Malic Acid is from Green Apples
Citric Acid is from Lemons
Tartaric Acid is from Grapes
Salicylic Acid from Willow bark (Full Strength Only)

It’s the unique combination of the above alpha and beta hydroxy acids from organic ingredients along with raw cane sugar that makes it so strong!
The reason the organic ingredient part is important is because organics have
30-35% higher antioxidant and vitamin loads than non-organic ingredients.
I guess that makes sense. It’s like how they say if you cook your foods you’re boiling out the vitamins. Since Juice Beauty is natural skincare it makes sense they’re going to want the freshest ingredients to provide the freshest results. I have a feeling the founders also wouldn’t be caught dead in a grocery store. Something tells me that they know the schedule of every Farmer’s Market in San Fran.

I had that big meeting last week (I think it went well, we’ll see and thanks for the good wishes-really appreciate it.) I had been testing around and trying all sorts of new products because I wanted to walk in looking fab. It’s OK to do this every once in a while but when you’re done, be prepared to have to really cleanse.

I brought out this Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength (this is not for skin wimps. Skin wimps, don’t worry. This also comes in a sensitive version.) My regular mask companion Megsroomie  went home to visit family. Luckily, my other roommate KristenOsborne88 was game (her review will be in comments shortly!)

I followed the instructions and applied to my skin, careful not to apply near the delicate eye area. I definitely felt a tingle, it did not hurt but around the 9minute mark my face was definitely ready to be washed. After I washed it off my skin was a little bit red but that subsided within 20 minutes or so. My skin looked refreshed and renewed. I was like skin re-birth and if I just do this once a week…We’ll I’ve have both unclogged pores and A LOT of leftover product. It’s a generous jar!

Juice Beauty
has been extremely generous and is giving all Meg Heads an added incentive to give their products a try. A FULL SIZE FREEBIE! A much loved Hydrating Mist $22 Value! With the order of ANY PRODUCT! CODE MEG

May I suggest you first try the Green Apple Peel? It’s just delicious! UPDATE- Megsroomie just walked in the door and is game to guinea pig for us!

Have any of you tried the organic skincare line Juice Beauty? Don’t fear the name. It packs the punch of the chemical brands but delivers the punch in a natural way! What’s not to love? I’ve had a tough day, thankfully there’s some old red delious in the produce drawer…Oink!

Don’t Miss Out! CODE MEG! Buy some here!

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