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Karen and Melissa,the creator’s of Juice Beauty, (yeah, we’re on a first name basis like that) have been major supporters to Meg’s Make-Up and I want to give them a huge “THANK-YOU” and an even huger “CONGRATULATIONS”!

You see, I subscribe to about a gazillion magazines. May is the “green” issue (you know the whole eco thing) and Wowzer’s!! Juice Beauty! Girls, you know you’re on to a great product when you are a recommended brand in almost every beauty tome. They’re organic and while that used to make me shudder I now embrace. I am a terrible person. I am a vain person (even though I drink and smoke-I’m sure technology will save me). If there was one tree left in the species that made you look good when chopped down-I’m sorry to say I would sneak a chainsaw onto the property. I know. I’m wrong. So sue me. Not animals though, I love animals. But if you can pull a tree/plant out of the ground and make a leafy stew with it then I think (selfishly)..fair game?

How could something so natural be an effective cleanser? What kind of scam is that? Where’s the acids and slight poison? If I can’t ingest it then it must be good! Oh dear. I am an idiot. If you can’t eat it then why do I slather it on my skin? I’m not a medicine man. I don’t know about herbs and plants.

The great news is these two broads must have been some serious Indian Chiefs in their past life. Can they talk to the plants or something?

This cleanser is absolutely beautiful. I am helping the environment (small steps people).

Here’s what Juice Beauty has to say about their Cleansing Gel.. “A lathering, therapeutic cleanser to thoroughly purify and balance oily, combination, or blemished skin. White oak bark, dandelion, and sage are mildly astringent without over-drying, while pure, certified organic essential oils of rosewood, geranium, and ylang ylang help to restore balance.”

Ladies please post if using Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Gel made you feel like an environmentalist-without looking like one (sorry Arianna)!!

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