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Hey Ladies (and any gentleman out there!) It’s Chichi here with my final Green Chi Tuesday of the year! Don’t worry, we will still be here next week when you need to talk about the make-up palettes and body scrubs you found under the tree, but we will be celebrating the season with our first ever “Best of Megsmakeup” week. How festive!

I’ve had such a great 2007 exploring new (and old) green beauty products and sharing the best of my finds with all of you. While I always loved using green products for the bath, this year I’ve discovered that green products can do wonders for your complexion. So, it’s no surprise that I wanted to end the year talking about our beloved Juice Beauty. Lately, I’ve been using their organic and amazing Oil Free Moisturizer with the Blemish Clearing Solution. These two bottles are helping my face stay clear and smooth during a time when my skin is normally stressed.

Since my adult skin tends to be oily and I still get pimples well into my thirties (oh and I’m a product junkie) I have tested almost every skin care line out there. For many years, I thought the only way to really clean my skin and keep those pimple at bay was by scrubbing my skin with the most chemically enhanced washes I could find. I would follow that up with stinging, drying toners and spot solutions. That tightness and itchiness meant it was really working, right? A little bit of redness and some flaking was to be expected. Yuck, I cringe when I think of some of my old nighttime face washing routines. Saddest of all, I still awoke to fresh pimples and whiteheads dotted across my parched face.

Juice Beauty was one of the first companies to help me see the error of my ways! I was so happy when I first used the Cleansing Gel because I had finally found a eco-friendly line (Juice Beauty products have the highest organic content in Skincare-up to 95%) that thoroughly cleaned my skin, helped keep pimples at bay and left my face feeling smooth and fresh. Who knew organic could be so effective? Well, the beauty mavens at Juice Beauty did; these ladies are passionate about organic and healthy lifestyles and their organic products are backed by powerful science. They are committed to providing organic solutions for healthy, radiant skin.

I’ll start with the Blemish Clearing Solution. This lightly scented gel is a powerful hydroxy-acid complex of certified organic apple, lemon and raw cane sugar blended with vitamin antioxidants and co-enzyme Q10 to help clear blemishes and even out skin tone and texture. I’ve been using this sparingly (too much can leave skin sticky) on my nose, chin and forehead and my skin is reaping the benefits. My skin looks and feels smoother and my red splotches have faded (a miracle for me during the winter months). This serum is versatile too. You can wear it alone, with moisturizer and/or under make-up. I love that it is such an effective spot treatment, but had no qualms using this on my entire face. When all of my skin was feeling prone to a break out, I rubbed a few drops in my hands and applied over my whole face before bed. It was a great overnight treatment that absorbed my oiliness without stripping my skin.

Moving on to the Oil Free Moisturizer, the perfect lightweight nighttime moisturizer which is a blend of certified organic white grape and pomegranate juice with soothing aloe vera, vitamin antioxidants and nutrient-rich sea algae. Now I rarely need to wear a moisturizer to bed. Normally, my skin just doesn’t need one. However, the winter months with the dry heat indoors and cold wind outdoors can leave me face feeling tight and dry. During these harsh months, my skin needs a light nighttime moisturizer. This face cream is light, yet effective and absorbs entirely into my skin – no marks left on my pillow or cream seeping into my eyes as I sleep. My skin feels soft and dewy and since it’s oil free, the moisturizer leaves my face with a smooth, matte finish. I also love to use this mattifying cream mixed in with my foundations for a smooth, even application.

So, there’s my lesson for the year – Green, eco-friendly products can be just as (if not) more effective than the ones loaded with chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. My skins is so happy about my new found knowledge!

What Juice Beauty products have made you a believer in Organics? Have you learned any thing new about Green products this year? Please share with all of us! Wishing everyone a great holiday season – see you in the New Year!

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