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EVERYTHINGPENCILI travel a lot: not every week but usually at least once a month…it’s always exciting but almost never “easy” anymore so I really try to schedule and pack in THE most efficient ways possible to avoid mini-meltdowns Goddess Granny style! I remember the days when travel was something a bit more glamorous and fun and when people who traveled dressed and acted like they were doing something special with their time.For the most part this has also changed but I still try to be that girl boarding the plane who looks a bit more polished and ready to hit the pavement or sand of my final destination ready to rock and not in need of a makeover because who wants to waste time polishing up their act when you could be enjoying a perfect libation someplace special?

One of my “tricks” to to pack my regular makeup case, usually a sleek black pro number by MAC in my check through luggage (there is NO way anyone who is serious about products and cosmetics can abide by that flippin’ 3oz.TSA rule and sustain sanity! )and then have another small case in my purse that holds some rather amazing tried and true products that would allow me to look good no matter if my bag makes it or not: I’m just not willing to sacrifice style for a baggage fee so unless it’s a very short trip, I check a bag.

Back to that little cosmetic case of magic: multi-purpose pencils and colors in miniature sizes that cover and color, samples of scent and creams and carefully re-packaged bits and bites of much loved favorites…It all fits in one hand and I even have a pair of extra lashes/dab of glue in there! I’m not gonna’ be stranded on some island with those hunky “Lost” guys and look a fright…

I believe in the Judith August,creator of the “Everything Pencil” motto, “Because everyone’s got something to hide…” 100% and the lovely Judith, a gorgeous former fashion model  who knows the tricks of the trade and began creating products for her own use, has created some amazing products and an entire beautiful-business around this admission! Her line of well thought out and creative “coverups” is JUST what I personally needed to round out my ultimate “stranded on an island” travel kit! If there’s one thing I bet almost any of us would wish for,it’d be something to hide what we hate? This lovely lady has come up with original and award winning solutions for covering up everything that “ails you” from blemishes to dark circles, acne scars to post-surgery discolorations,spider veins and even body art aka tatoos! I personally haven’t encountered a line conceived only for the art of concealment that does it in so few steps and I’m very impressed with what she offers…

Her “Everything Pencil” which comes with a sharpener,always a plus is now one of my “island stranded” items for sure: this slick little tool comes in six great shades from ultra light to cinnamon and you can use it so many ways:to cover of course but also as a highlighter,base, under eye solution,dark spot neutralizer,you name it! Mine is “Ultra Light” and although it’s too light for use on my face, I LOVE to line the area around my upper lip for a poutier look before lip color and use it in the inner/outer corners of my eyes and around my nose…it takes the place of three other products I currently use and works amazing well! It’s also great for a quick under brow highlight that opens and softens your entire face! Made in the USA (gotta’ love that!) cruelty free, enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E, this pencil goes straight to the front of the line in my portable beauty book of secrets!

Reasonably priced and color-blendable for a perfect skin tone match,beauty editors and beauty Doctors LOVE this pencil as well! It gets rave reviews for dabbing on those little red spots injectables can give and nothing works faster or better to dot on a “what do you mean I have a blemish?” spot in a hurry and anytime or place!

Genius if you ask me…Judith’s clean and informative site has everything anyone needs to “fix it” whatever you might want to hide and she understands that we don’t want or have a lot of time to fuss with complicated coverups! Her products get right to the point and I think many will find her products to be JUST what they’ve been looking for and haven’t found elsewhere!

Buy the Everything Pencil here:

I’m also interested in her “Special Care Coverage” for use after derma-Doc visits and her leg coverup looks interesting as well! Who better than a pro-model to know what works when you need to look amazing in a flash and who else has formulated a product specifically for hiding bruises and THE most difficult discolorations? Judith…where have you been all my life!

Do you also believe in the power of a good cover-up and would you include one in you “dessert island bag” as well? With my luck,I’d get stranded with a soccer ball named “Wilson” and not Josh Holloway aka “Sawyer…” 🙂

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