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Okay…I admit it. I’m absolutely terrified about today’s election. Terrified about the state of our country, scared that no matter which way things go it will be a tough road ahead to get back to where we need to be, and highly concerned that all of this Yes/No on Prop 8 fighting is having an adverse affect on my complexion. I’m quite serious here. Ever since I’ve discovered a few key gems through Meg’s I’ve had unbelievable skin. Then yesterday I woke up with 6…count em’…SIX pimples on my chin and nose after a night of talking politics with my daughter and getting my knickers all in a bunch over the rampant stupidity, discrimination and hate I’m seeing over this election. It’s like my pimples are a bright red beacon of shame announcing to the world that I can’t handle the stress of living through one of the most important and pivotal elections our nation has ever seen. But let’s face it, whether you are red or blue, left or right, donkey or elephant…a clear complexion will always be the issue we can all agree on.

Juara’s Milk and Red Sandalwood Face Mask has become a staple in my house for quick, practically overnight blemish fixes. It comes in powder form and you can mix it with water, milk, or even plain yogurt for a really luxurious facial mask. I’ve used it all over my face but find it works great to apply to the outbreak area, sleep overnight, and wake up to a much reduced blemish. It has a way of drawing out the infection, reducing swelling and redness, and drying the pimple up all at the same time. If I could change just one thing I’d ask the good ladies at Juara to include some type of little measuring spoon for dispensing. I’ve taken to using my ‘smidgen’ measuring spoon that I received as a part of a gift set at my wedding. Haven’t had cause to use it so it works perfectly for spooning out a bit of the mixture into my palm and adding just enough water to make it dissolve but not get too runny. A tip here…don’t get it too thick or it will just clump up and fall off in your sleep, but don’t make it so runny that it’s ineffective. Think wet mud and you’ll do fine.

Here’s what Juara has to say about the Milk and Red Sandalwood Face Mask…Used for centuries in the Indonesian herbal tradition, red sandalwood is a remedy for calming and cooling skin stressed by environmental aggression or skin conditions. This unique softening mask combines the exceptional soothing properties of red sandalwood with the softening benefits of pure milk. Milk’s natural exfoliating power in the form of lactic acid works with the skin’s own mechanism to gently refine and soften skin texture.

So everyone, though I don’t know what’s ahead for the economy, for our country, or for Prop 8 I do know that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up with better skin than I had today. Now I just need to transfer that same sense of optimism towards Election Day and trust that our great nation will come out in droves to vote their conscience (and not just listen to whom a celebrity is voting for…I mean does anyone REALLY care who Heidi Montag is supporting? Come on!),

Exercise our constitutional rights as free Americans to make our country a better place for everyone and above all…GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!


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