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juaratumericMeg here! I had a LONG DAY. I had the type of day where I looked at my clock and saw 11:48am and just thought…Shit. I have been running the site and that happily turns into TV appearances. I have a few really wonderful ones coming up that are national (I’ll let you know-you better watch-I’d totally watch you.) BUT as with anything worth having they require work…Tons and tons of it. Find the celebrity, find the product, script the show, book the location…Just work. On top of it, I write for a lot of different sites. I have a super duper event that I am so not complaining about covering with A-List Stars at a swank place for a super swish event…Tomorrow. I just got the confirmation 3 hours ago.  I am truly blessed. I will be up for the next two hours figuring out my questions for the glitteratti party. I also have to do a show on the “Most Inventive Products of 2011.” We film in less than a week, I’m not sure what I am bringing on but I have been reading through my 208 email submissions and I needed a break after “The Reusable Underwear” pitch.

Seriously, Reusable Underwear?

Here’s where I can take every TV appearance, every article and every work related anything and know at the end of the day-it really does all amount to a hill of beans.

Sweetassgal has had a bad stroke of luck lately and has suffered a tragic loss in her family. Angie has requested a few weeks of totally deserved leave off and I pray for and love her. The saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” rings quite true because I (and her fans) just took for granted her effortless way to describe every organic product.

I walked into Tommy’s house close to a NB (nervous breakdown)

Meg: I have Sheckys article due in an hour! AOL needs me to cover an event at 10am. I have a meeting with my lawyer at 9am. I have to meet the head of SAKS 5th Ave at 4pm. I’m behind on everything and I need an article for Megsmakeup for Green Chi tomorrow! SHIT!!!!

Tommy:I can help.

I told Tommy that I would appreciate a review, something that I could use as a filler and to hear his thoughts on Juara’s Tumeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask. I would write the rest of the review. I got his and I didn’t have to.

I read his review and it made me cry. Then I thought, “he’s getting crazy sex tonight.” Then I remembered my grandmother reads this site and his mother may, so by “crazy sex” I mean a kiss on the cheek.

Megsjester here! I knew it would only be a matter of time before I found myself writing about a product on

I wasn’t sure exactly when it would happen but I knew sooner or later the product madness would get me too.  I guess the time was just right and the product had to line up with who I was and what I believed.

Before I met Meg I was your typical man’s man.  Trader Joe’s Herbal Shampoo and a tea tree bar of soap was the extent of my shower arsenal.  When I got out of the shower I used aluminum- free deodorant, splashed on department store cologne and I’m out the door.  Like most men I had my simple and easy routine. I kept my products organic, natural and earthy.

I’ve become a different man from those days. I’m now with Meg, whom has changed my life in so many ways I wouldn’t know where to begin. The short version is, I’m a better man today than I was yesterday, and to boot I now have the largest collection of men’s cosmetic products in Los Angeles.  I don’t even know how it happened. I know why Meg makes me a better man, but how did I end up with so many products?  I found myself  laughing about it this morning while washing the shampoo out of my hair. Picture this, I’m standing in the shower (easy, eye’s up!) I have a small portion of shampoo in my hair worth more than the whole bottle of Trader Joe’s.  I’m polishing my face with some kind of motorized face buffer. I’m about to lather up with a Loofah smothered in jelly bean scented body wash! What has happened to me?!

I’ll tell you what happened. Megsmakeup happened. It’s not just all the wonderful products that are featured here but for me it’s more about the wonder women who brings them to you everyday. I truly am inspired.  I’ve never met someone who has so much commitment and conviction as Meg does. She works day and night talking to companies, trying products and then writing to you all. She pours herself into every word that you read, not only giving her opinion on the newest “liptini” but sharing all the personal details of her life with you as well. Watching this day in and day out makes me want to do something I love too and just as important I want to be a part of what she loves. A big part of Meg’s life is megsmakeup  and these products. Maybe I’m just an ol’ sap but being part of this site some how makes me more a part of her life.

I am lying on my bed wearing a beauty mask. God I’m brave!!  Even stranger than that, it’s not even the first mask I’ve worn in the past two weeks. Last week I saw Meg smearing on a mask that looked like camouflage. It looked like so much fun I Just had to join in.  In my manly mind I felt like we were gearing up for war putting on our camo war face. I know, real mature right? After 15 minutes you would have thought I was a POW because I was squirming and begging Meg to take it off! I’m a man and I’ve never wore a hard drying beauty mask before. It felt like my face was being sucked off and I thought I’d never get out so I panicked.  You women are troopers that’s for sure.

Defeated by the first mask I was determined to go at it again, but this time I wasn’t waving the white flag.

Meg knows me so well. Even with my new life of fancy products she honors my devotion to the most earth conscious and ethical products available. So together we would embark on this next mask tour of duty using something that was right up my ally.

JUARA- Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask

JUARA is definitely a product I can get behind. JUARA’s mission is to provide safe and effective solutions that maintain skin health and beauty with the use of herbal traditions of the Indonesian archipelago. I have a  JUARA shower gel I really like so I expected nothing less from the radiance mask. I knew I was in for a real treat. 100% vegetarian, free of artificial colorants and sulfates, and for you pet lovers a refreshing  “No Animal Testing”.

Applying was cool and refreshing and had no heavy smell as it’s fragrance free.  I’m wearing it right now as I write.  It actually feels really good. This mask is a hydrating mask and it doesn’t dry hard and heavy. There’s a bit of a tingle but I’m at ease knowing exactly what it is.  That cool tingling is the work of the Turmeric. Turmeric is a plant native to Indonesia. It’s a powerful antioxidant that has been used for centuries as a skin remedy. So that tingle was nothing to fear, it’s the work of the Turmeric detoxifying my face and strengthening my skin.

After about 15 minutes I washed the mask off. I could still feel a cool clean sensation. My face looked radiant and believe it or not, it helped relieve tension in my face.  As a man, I never been exactly sure what a glowing face looked like but Meg said my skin was “Glowing.”

I’m assuming that a glow is a good thing when dealing with face. I’ll take it as a compliment. The product was great and I’m sure it’s part of what made me look so alive. I think it also had something to do with feeling so happy to have been able to contribute to Megs passion.

What makes you “Glow?”

Tommy‘s review will make me “glow” through every stressful day! What kindness makes you so appreciative for a lighter load? There is a free Juara Tumeric Antioxidant Mask in it for your story!

Buy it here!

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