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Sweetassgal here speaking a name I use A LOT…Juara.  It’s no secret around Megs that I have this entire line up on a pedestal and if you ask me that’s precisely where it belongs.  A while back I reviewed the Juara Rice Facial Cleanser and I was so enamored of it that I wrote the company and asked for as many samples as they would give me to distribute amongst the curious here at Megsmakeup.  Wonderful Michael from Juara sent me enough to give out plenty of samples and really hook up Kellie76 which was the main girl I wanted to see if we could help.  I’ve asked each of the lovelies that I sent samples to for a review…so here’s your chance ladies!  Tell us the truth because we all know everyone is different and each of us has our own special needs.  For my combo skin, easily irritated by harsh cleansers this soft and gentle sulfate and paraben free formula is skin perfection!

For today’s review I’m going to highlight the face cleansers perfect pair…Juara Rice Facial Scrub.  It’s the same intoxicating scent as the face wash, with the same silky creaminess but with tiny super fine microbeads. When exfoliating I like to feel like my skin is being polished…not torn.  This is of particular importance to me because I tend to be red and anything that is too harsh will aggravate my skin.  The point of gentle exfoliation is to bring out your inner glow, not turn that glow into a bonfire.  Juara, used 2 – 3 times a week accomplishes this with grace and elegance.  As I’ve said before, I look forward to washing my face with this line all day long.  It’s not a part of my routine…it’s the complete enjoyment of the experience that completes my nightly ritual.  

Utilizing active botanicals such as rice, tamarind, turmeric, candlenut oil, healing teas and red sandalwood, Juara combines time-honored recipes for skin health and well-being with the best in modern technology and innovation to deliver efficacious and elegant treatments of the highest quality.  The Rice Facial Scrub is fortified with rice starch rich in skin conditioning amino acids which prevents moisture loss.  This to me is the key element of both the face wash and the scrub…its ability to power pack the moisture with ZERO left over residue or oil!  My skin is SO unbelievably soft after using either of them that I can’t stop petting my own skin.  Fine for the nights at home…creepy when I’m drifting off in line at Target rubbing myself and mumbling sweet nothings under my breath.  

Side note…IF you are stupid enough to wear a red polo with khaki pants to go shopping at Target…DON’T get all snippy when a certain Sweetassgal asks you what aisle the yoga mats are on.  GEEZ…what do you expect people!  Time for a closet makeover if your ensemb starts to resemble that of a superstore’s uniform.  Don’t blame me for your lack of style…place the blame with your mother who should have taught you better.  

For the guys…this line is not just for those who shave their legs and carry around an extra X chromosome with their Fendi bag.  It’s great for guys too.  I gave my daughter Samantha.Provost’s boyfriend a few to try and he loves it.  WAY better than Proactive and it actually helped his acne.  I noticed right off because he’s got gorgeous olive Italian skin and I swear he was glowing.  Samantha ditto’s his sentiments and loves it as well.  That’s two teenagers and a Mommie who all give it a big, big ringing endorsement.  You can find it online at and at other places as well. ships it for free.  The only caveat at this point is the $25 price tag for the face wash and the $29 for the scrub.  The good news about that is you literally use just a tiny dime sized amount each time and so it lasts forever!  One bottle of wash lasts me a few months and the scrub more than 4 months.  The benefits far out weigh the costs of having to pump out a huge amount of cheap face wash to be left overly dried and tight faced.  

Chime in ladies who got a sample…what did you think!?!  Let us know the full story and share your funniest “I got asked where the TP is in Costco” story!  BAN the red shirt and khaki’s…GLAM ON!

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