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Sweetassgal was extremely blessed this last weekend.  I’m a country bumpkin at heart and though I love my glamorous girlie things, I also have a very simple side.  My Sweetassguy and I spent the weekend on a 60 acre ranch just indulging in sumptuous meals, taking long walks with our dogs and watching snowflakes the size of WALNUTS flutter down to the snowy white ground.  It was gorgeous and made me so appreciative of the little things.  Even a cup of super soothing tea had me thinking about the little pick me ups that mean so much.  I was so moved by the old fashioned simplicity of the weekend that I wrote on old fashioned HAND WRITTEN thank you note to our friends for the weekend and to my Grandma for the thoughtful gift of the tea.
Back to the city I know there is nothing that I love more or picks me up faster than buying little things that make me feel pretty.  Be they shoes, makeup or pampering products…it’s an instant boost.  The only thing better than buying things that make me feel ohh laa laa?  Getting the ohh laa laa for half off!  And what better to get half off than one of the lines I can endorse 100%…Juara!  Right now you can find the best of their line for up to 50% off at  Their Rice Facial Wash and Rice Facial Scrub are the upper echelon of incredible products and I would recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin.  Their Candlenut Body Creams and Soaps are ultra luxurious and the Avocado and Banana Moisture Mask is such a treat when refrigerated and used to soothe skin on a hot day!  
Until now…I didn’t think there was an area they hadn’t covered in the pampering arena.  I was happily wrong!  Unbeknownst to me Juara has released two of their signature scents available in roller ball form and it’s fantastic!  It’s fun to apply, easily portable and comes with a minimum risk of spilling in your gorgeous little purse.  The first offering is a Candlenut Perfume Oil which I have always cherished in its lotion form.  However, for my tastes I couldn’t resist the Tiare Jasmine Tea scented perfume oil.  I used to have a star Jasmine planted right outside my front door and I would take a deep and cleansing breath every time I walked by.  It completely rejuvenated me and put me back in touch with nature.  There is something so clean, so fresh, so utterly lovely about soft, subtle jasmine.  It’s feminine and delicate aroma settles nicely into your skin without smelling perfumey or heavy and I have to say I think it is the PERFECT scent for kicking off Spring!  There is a light airy feel to the way it glides over your wrist and the cute little roller ball applicator gives you just enough to lure in your prey without choking them with over applied perfume.  
My signature scent for years has been Carolina Herrera.  I never tire of it, I almost never smell it on anyone else and I get tons of compliments on it all the time.  However, for this Spring I’m going to tuck my CH away and keep this adorable little Juara roll on in my make up bag.  Though I have more makeup than anyone with 10 personalities could possibly wear, I detest carrying it all around with me so my make up bag only carries what I wear that day.  This means I don’t have a lot of space to give and to win a coveted spot in it means I really want to have you with me ALL the time EVERY day!  Juara’s Tiare Jasmine Tea perfume is an oil so it has incredible staying power and reapplication throughout the day isn’t really necessary but doesn’t a girl want to be ready in case someone wants to know what INCREDIBLE scent they are wearing?  This way I can whip it out and tell them that although it retails for $28 they too can smell like a garden goddess on HouteLook for just $16.99!  See…nothing is better than feeling girlie at nearly half off.  For those of you who haven’t tried Juara because of the cost, now is the time to check it out.  I have never heard anyone say they were disappointed. I’m stocking up my upstairs bathroom with the facial wash and scrub and probably buying another Tiare Jasmine Tea because I’m sure I’ll run out before Spring has a chance to give way to Summer and I’m off to something citrusy and clean.  GLAM ON!!!!

Have you ever tried Juara or scored any deals off Hautelook?

Check it out here!

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