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JUARABabyLove here!  After having my kids, and watching my waist line expand, I thought to myself, Well, if I’m going to be overweight, then I better start paying better attention to things like my skin and teeth. I’m not yet 30, but over the last 3 years, I have seen a definite increase in the fine lines forming all over my face.  Happy, I was not about this, and thus began my obsession with skincare.  One of the most major problems my skin faces as I get older, is that I find it needs more moisture than usual.  I was using Fresh Repair and Restore Face Balm (it retails for $95.00.) I accidentally stumbled upon Juara Skincare.  I know there are already some Meg Heads that are fans of this line, but if you haven’t tried this line before-you must now!  I had the immense pleasure of sampling a number of products from Juara, and to be honest, with each one I tried, I liked it better than the one before it.

My new favorite product, and the focus of this here review, is Juara’s Avocado Banana Moisture Mask!

The first time I applied this mask, I got a little nervous since my skin immediately started to tingle.  After about 30 seconds, it subsided and I felt like the mask was cleaning my pores out.  Remember, this isn’t a pore refining or acne mask but a moisturizing mask. You can see why it pleasantly surprised me.  I can slightly compare it to the feeling you get right after using an Oxy Pad, but much less offensive.  Anyway, I got on with my morning, and after about 10 minutes, I went back into the bathroom with the intention of washing the mask off.  I was so surprised to see that my skin had sucked up almost all of it!  I rinsed the remnants around my hair line, and neck, and could not believe the look of my skin.  My skin looked young, supple, and the most moisturized it had in months.  I was most impressed with the difference the mask made in the area around my eyes.  They looked so much less tired, and dry.  I now use this mask every morning after I get out of the shower.  By the time I’m ready to get dressed, it is nearly gone. My face is ready for a quick rinse and some makeup.   Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I have also fallen head over heals for their Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer which is twice as good, and half the price of my old stuff.  I use it at bedtime right after using their Rice Facial cleanser, and Tamarind Toner. Ladies my skin is looking so much better!

Juara uses ingredients like rice, tamarind, turmeric oil, candlenut oil, healing teas, and sandalwood in their products.  They combine these to offer an east meets west line of treatments, using ancient Indonesian secrets of youth and beauty.  Please take a look at their website, and a peak at the founders.  These woman are beautiful, with fantastic skinKiss

This site is chalk full of unbelievable products, at great prices.  Sometimes we have to splurge a little when it comes to the products we trust to put on our faces, but Juara offers these products without leaving you feeling guilty or with a hole in your pocket.  Just for subscribers, Juara is offering 10% off any of your purchases from now until April 11th.  Please just type in MEGJUARA10 at checkout to receive your discount.

Who else has tried and loved the amazing line that is JUARA! I swear buy it!!!


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