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tonerSharond here! Lately I have been reading that a lot of our dear Megheads have been asking what to do about facial skin problems, whether it is acne, black heads, rosacea and more.  Earlier this year I wrote about toner from a relatively unknown company called Joining of Herbs.  You can read the couples story on their website.  Since that article was posted several of you have tried their toner have been telling glowing stories of the improvement of their skin.  Stylemama, Sweetass Gal, Gigi, Kellie and Tantejoan have all advised everyone to give them a try.  Gigi pointed out that it also works just as good on men, making this even more versatile. I thought I would run this article again so all our new members can learn about this gem.

Here is the original article that was posted in January.

I am a person who has always put my money in facial products that are suppose to do something, erase lines, brighten, lift or whatever.  I ignored the toner or bought a cheaper brand as I figured it was really not the important part of a beauty routine.  Sometimes I felt ordinary witch hazel could do the job.  In the last couple years I have been buying the better toners and still did not notice any great improvement.

A couple weeks before Christmas, I went way out east of where I live to a small one stop sign town to find a little store that supposedly sells exceptional organic and therapeutic products and handmade gifts all created by locals.  I was pleasantly surprised by the store, but was ecstatic to discover there were items by Joining of Herbs.  I had met this couple last summer at the farmers market when they were just starting their business.  Armed with a whole batch of new face and body products they now sell their items at this store to supplement their mail order business.  After I gushed over bath salts, bath butters, massage oils, inhaling the therapeutic essential oils, I decided to buy the toner among other items.

At the shop I did not open the toner and when I went to use it that first night, I almost lost my breath.  I was not prepared for the strong vinegary, tea tree oil scent.  I used it anyway and decided to give this toner a try and see if there was any benefit.  Faithfully twice a day after cleansing I put some of this toner on a cotton ball and dabbed my face and neck, let dry and then went with my normal routine of serums and moisturizers.  I did get used to the vinegary scent as it reminded me of my mother pouring vinegar over our hair when we were children as a conditioning rinse.  After about a week I noticed my face was smooth and exceptionally clean.  A few days later, I met a friend for lunch and she asked if I had just had “breakfast in bed” because I looked so radiant.  How can a toner do that?  As I kept using this product I found other benefits on my skin.  My pores look smaller, the telltale blackheads are gone, skin is soft and tightened but not dry, and my turkey neck is less noticeable.  I also find that I am using less makeup and can now skip the concealer under my eyes.  My makeup also seems to last longer without needing touchups.

 This toner comes in a 4 ounce bottle for under $5.00; is made with vinegar, tea tree oil, essential oils and witch hazel and is moisturized by a secret ingredient called by its Native American name of Se’na Oi’na.  Joining of Herbs is a line of all-natural skin care products using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and has no synthetic chemicals, dyes or fillers in their blends. I have ordered products by mail and they arrived well packaged in three to five days.  Tyler and Sara are the developers of these products and reminded me they are for therapeutic use versus scenting your body.  If you have questions, they welcome calls or emails and will customize products for your special needs.

I suggest anyone looking for a new younger face for the New Year to give this inexpensive but wonderful product a try.

How many of you have tried Joining of Herbs toner and what were your results?

You can purchase products from Joining of Herbs here.

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