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johnson&johnsoncleansingwashMeg here! Greetings from NYC. The city that never sleeps and truthfully, I haven’t been doing much sleeping while I’ve been here! The brunette hair’s a hit! Wink I’ve been running to meeting to meeting and it feels as though every night I have a dinner. Then an after dinner and then drinks and then after-drinks and then it’s morning and I’m back in a cab off to another meeting.

Sorry I have been a bad poster! I need to clone myself. Actually, I would never do that to the universe. Scratch that.

StacyB is amazing and sent her review in on time and I apologize it is just going up now! Sorry StacyB!

StacyB here! We have all types of great ladies on this site, and the best part is we get to learn from each other. My favorite part of writing my reviews is reading all your comments. I love it! I don’t pretend to know everything; I’m really just being honest on what works for me. I am fully aware that you all may have different opinions, and I like reading them.
The best part is how great everyone is, I’ve never had anyone say anything rude or insulting, and even in your disagreements, it’s a positive message. It’s very much a ‘hey, thanks for your opinion, here’s why I agree or disagree” and that’s really refreshing. There is far too much negativity out there on the internet but I don’t get that here. So thank you! And keep those comments coming, they are great and I learn something from them every time!

One thing I have learned is that even if a product is supposed to be for a certain skin or hair type that you don’t have, it still might work. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I don’t use products geared for sensitive skin. But, there’s something about the summer sun and weather that makes my skin look great so I decided to try a more mild soap. I went for Johnson & Johnson’s Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash.
This is for everyday use and is specifically for sensitive skin. It’s extremely gentle. I never new bubbles could have different consistencies but these were the softest bubbles I’ve ever felt.They were like microfiber bubbles or something! I was concerned it wouldn’t work well because how tough can suede bubbles be, but it was pretty good.  I have an irrational requirement that stuff has to be tough to be effective. I know it’s not really true but if something is too gentle I think it’s not working. The first few nights I tried this I was convinced I was going to break out in about 3 days. Luckily, I didn’t. It seemed to really get my skin clean. I had a little trouble with eye makeup but overall it worked.
I didn’t realize soap could make my skin feel so soft. Maybe it was those velvet-y bubbles. It didn’t dry out like some soaps can, it doesn’t have a strong color or smell and for under $6, it’s a pretty big bottle!
I let (made) my husband try it because he has more sensitive skin than I do. After showing him the bottle and letting him smell it to prove it wasn’t a girl-y product he used it for a few days. It worked well for him, too. He did finally agree that he liked it after I promised it wouldn’t make him less of a man to like a ‘face-wash’. I don’t know why ‘face-wash’ is so different than soap, but apparently soap is for men and ‘face-wash’ is for women. Eye-roll.
As I said above, I love hearing what you think. As a non-sensitive skin person, this wasn’t earth-shattering, but I was surprised that I did like it a lot. Who out there with sensitive skin has tried this, and what did you think?


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