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Gigi here! Gigi, Dabbing Her Eyes in True Drama Queen Fashion over Disappearing Semi-Drugstore Deals . . .

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got `till it’s gone? They paved paradise to put up a parking lot.” (Joni Mitchell, “Big Yellow Taxi”)

I have a confession to make. My skincare line of choice for many years has been Joey New York, not one purchased at Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, CVS, or any drugstore. This is one of the rare companies which offers products for all types of skin, from that plagued by acne and red patches to dry skin and deep lines with the same predictably excellent results. On a tight budget, I’ve actually saved pocket change for my Joey “fixes.” Withdrawal from Joey New York is not pretty . . .

However, allow me to redeem myself. A few items can be found at here!. There are more at ehealthcure.comThese also sell vitamins, minerals, and OTC medications, and that makes them drugstores, right, albeit online ones? Thanks for seeing it my way! Now I can lose the guilt.

Although we generally discuss one item, mark this review STAT and pardon the format breach. I learned recently from Joey that products out of stock will probably disappear forever, as they are revamping their entire line quickly. To me, they are trying to improve on perfection. Even my husband was stunned to learn this, but there’s nothing we can do except to shop! It is imperative! Otherwise, the “you snooze, you lose” rule comes into play. Don’t snooze-this is great stuff. Joey offers something for everyone.

I came across Joey eons ago by first being asked to critique their Pure Pores Line for another cosmetic review site-some of the items include a liquid cleanser with Vitamin C, a dual toner/moisturizer, a mild, non-comedogenic moisturizer, a masque which is a master at drawing out impurities and preventing breakouts, and a scrub. There is also a roll-on blemish fix and a flesh-toned concealer which heals and hides. Pure Pores has a way of combining salicylic, lactic, and other acids and tempers them with comforting, natural botanicals to handle complexions gently. Blemishes disappear quickly, but skin is not marred and is never flaky or dry. Fear not-you’ll have no “shrink-wrapped” feel after using! They aren’t inexpensive. They are priced around $27.00 but are worth every penny. My favorite from the Pure Pores line is the “Crushed Almonds and Honey Scrub ($30.00).” The texture is thick and pasty. The scent? A strange meld of nuts and drywall putty! But it exfoliates tenderly, leaving no particles in facial crevices, only radiant, velvety skin. My problem is that I am so pleased with the results that I will repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, and repeat. I should have my paycheck directly deposited to pay for Joey!

If you have troubled skin or Rosacea, Joey has you covered with calming toners and serums. It’s hard to bypass their “Instant Results Best Sellers Kit” ($60), which comes with generous trial and some full-sized products, from lip pencils and plumpers to blackhead remover and pore minimizer gel, egg cream face lifting and contouring serum, and line-up correcting cream for face and for eyes, which Joey likens to Botox. See if you can get what you need at the sites noted above or at or A few companies are charging too much to take advantage of the current scarcity, so comparison shop, please. Let me know if I can help you in any way-it’s my pleasure, you gorgeous, sexy, magnificent “megheads” (that’s Ken’s term, and the poor man doesn’t realize that he’s one yet) . . .

Who else has had luck with the Joey line! Take advantage of these close-outs!

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