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Hello all! Desertdoll here with a new find.

I guarantee, no one has perfect skin. Even if they look like they do, they’ve got something they’re working hard to fight and stressing about. Whether it’s acne or wrinkles, oily or dry, problem skin can be…well, a problem!

Well, what if you could do something for your problem skin and help someone else at the same time? Replace vanity with generosity (or at least have equal doses of both). Enter Joesoef Skin Care to help you do just that. How very Green Chi of us!

Dr. Joesoef, a dermatologist with over 40 years of experience, is passionate about what he does. His mission? To bring high quality, professional grade (yet non-prescription) skin care remedies to his customers. All use high quality ingredients that are indigenous to Indonesia, like sulfur from volcanic sulfur springs, which people have bathed in for centuries trying to cure their skin aliments.

Before even trying the products, there are a few very important things about this company that I was impressed with. From now until Dec 31st, with every online purchase made they will donate a bar of their Natural Volcanic Sulfur soap to support the US troops. This on top of the fact that a percentage of the companies proceeds go to support several humanitarian efforts in Indonesia (where their products are developed and manufactured). Giving back, you’ve got to love that.

Add to that some of the best customer service in the business. Not only do they offer free samples of most of their best selling products (and not skimpy samples either, they’re huge!) they also have in-house skin care experts trained by their team of dermatologists available to answer questions about using their products, and can also provide personalized advice about how to use the products most effectively for your particular skin type.

Now on to those products! Dr. Joseof was extremely generous with us. Giving us products for testers with acne and products for testers whose concerns are more anti-aging based. Soaps, cleansers, astringents, lotions, creams…we got it all! I’m going to let the testers themselves describe what they got (otherwise I’d be writing a small book). But what I will talk about is their 4-step Acne treatment program that I had the pleasure of trying.

Talk about thorough; this program has got you covered. It’s like a tactical maneuver for acne! Step 1: CLEANSE with the Natural Volcanic Sulfur soap. Step 2: REMOVE dirt, oil, and makeup with Oil Remover to deep clean pores. Step 3: TREAT overnight with 6.6% Sulfur Drying Lotion. Step 4: TARGET during the day with vanishing formula Spot Treatment.

Here’s the good part, in addition to being really affordable-it works, it really works! This program had my zits on the run. And I especially love the small holes the product is dispensed from. I applied step 2-4 with a q-tip just where it was needed and it dried up any nasty offenders in no time. Plus, I had the pleasure of getting some advice from the good Dr. directly: “Acne comes as a result of both bacteria and fungus. Sulfur as a natural element has characteristics of being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a natural antiseptic. So when you wash your face with the Sulfur soap you can’t help but feel how clean your face will be and feel. I promise! Also be sure to drink a lot of water every day.”

Ladies, please let us know what product you received and if it brought you one-step closer to actual perfect skin!

Joesoef Skin Care – Buy it Here!

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