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inviciscarThis may not be the most “beautiful” of reviews but for many, might be the most profound: Goddess Granny has been “testing” this product for a few weeks now and I finally feel I can write a review that will do this product justice… I will start with my “backstory” and we’ll chat about this revolutionary product from there. As well y’all know, I review many glam and gaga products so for me to honestly take the time and write about such a clinical and medically evolved product as this, you just KNOW I “believe!”

Around 10 years ago, I had the biggest freak accident you can imagine happen while re-hanging a heavy saucepan lid overhead on my ever so stylish “hanging rack” in the kitchen: the hook swiveled as I went to hang the commercial-weight stainless lid and it came down like a projectile, knocking me across the room with the edge landing smack dab on my face/nose in the process. I will downplay here and only share that it was a horrible experience but one that ended well as I had the connection to and means for an emergency surgery to fix my extremely shattered nose within the four-day window that I was given before it would become almost impossible to correct. I underwent an open rhinoplasty two days later and the cartilage from my ears was used to rebuild my nose which ended up rather nicely thanks to one of the best plastic surgeon’s in Texas!

I am SO over all that and although the emotional scars have healed, the redness/scarring under my nose from the involved repair procedure is still obvious and I have relied on my makeup to correct this until recently when I was sent “InviCible” scar treatment to review: I will start by saying that the website is literally a WEALTH of info, testimonials, and answers most questions. My intent is to share with you the results of this product personally and they are rather amazing! I know many of us suffer with some sort of “scar”, disfigurement, discoloration, and/or other skin ailment that we WISH we could make better or go away all together and I honestly believe that this single product to be the the MOST incredible one available for precisely these issues!

Created five years ago by Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, a reconstructive surgeon who happens to live near me in San Antonio,Texas for use during the amazing and life-changing breast-reconstructive procedures he performs on women after mastectomies helping them to become “whole” again both physically and mentally. I don’t need to describe what this means as so many know first hand but he also discovered that “scarring” could remain an issue and he set out to create a formulation that,after doing research at the Shriner’s Burn Hospital, would truly have a profound effect on damaged scar tissue.Along with a team of chemists and PHD’s, the good Dr. came up with “InviCible” and truly has changed the effects and look of scarring forever!

This product, like no other, can be used with great effect not only on scars both old and new but also on discoloration and brown spots, acne scars, burns, and all other types of surface-skin issues that result in a damaging of the outer tissue. It can be used every day and under makeup or sunscreen and results can be noticed in as little as two weeks! The ultimate goal of the product as I see it is to reduce the look of the scar and of course, it does tend to be most effective on scars less than a couple of years old or newer BUT I have seen a profound change in the skin under my nose on tissue that was damaged almost 10 years ago after about a month of continued use.

In a nutshell, this stuff works…and it works without any unpleasant scent or harsh ingredients: it is hypoallergenic and paraben/fragrance free, contains no mineral oil or other known irritants, and is FULL of natural complexes like Vitamin C and their miracle “Pro Biosyn 4” complex which restores the skin’s bio-lipid layer and restores elasticity.Not tested on animals either! You simply apply a very thin film 2-3 times a day and STAY OUT OF THE SUN or use sunblock to prevent any further darkening of the offending skin area. I will be 100% honest as we at Meg’s are prone to be both good and bad and tell you that there is a “slight stinging sensation” upon application which they describe as a result of the highly-potent ascorbic acid content but it causes NO adverse skin reactions and goes away quickly! A small price to pay for something so amazing and effective, IMO! Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin E actually “causes contact dermatits” in 30% of users and doesn’t always help in any way to reduce scarring. “InviCible” doesn’t include a single ingredient that is inconclusive or controversial and has no water or preservatives so its real highly- advanced science in a sleek cylinder for sure!

I can attest to the fact that the skin under and around my nose is MUCH less red and requires MUCH less to cover it up than it did a month ago: the texture of the skin has changed and seems “flatter” and more even as well.I see a marked improvement and as I’m very fair, this is huge to me.

I would highly suggest that if you have any skin issues such as I’ve described or that the amazingly informative and easy to understand site covers in detail that you give this life-changing product a try: it’s truly made it’s “mark” on my face and I will continue to use it until I feel that the job is finished. The “science of scars” is one I hope no one ever has to get a degree in on a personal level but isn’t it fabulous and important that Dr. Chrysopoulo and his team cared enough to develop something that we can truly benefit from without enduring costly and sometimes painful procedures to help minimize the effects of scarring and discoloration on the skin? It’s easy to use, feels GREAT on the skin and I believe can truly make a difference for many who hate “something they see” every day. You can see a difference on your face or body and regardless of your level of “damage” I believe this product can help!

If you have an interest or need for this amazing product, do yourself a favor and spend some time on their site reading testimonials and comparing other scar-reducing treatments(some that are mind-boggling to me) to “InviCible”: I had no idea what a big deal these issues can be and it truly made me realize that the confidence one can re-gain from this product especially by using it on the face,rivals and might well be the most amazing “beauty product” on the market in every way! I am sold and it’s one of the real “miracles in a bottle” available that from my personal experience actually works!



Read MUCH more! Buy it here.

I now understand that even small but very real “flaws” can affect us in big ways: do you also believe that beauty isn’t just skin deep but that making the “flaw” go away can truly change one’s outlook on life?

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