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The wonderful and gorgeous reps from Instantpeel sent Megsmakeup out some of their At Home Mini Facial to test.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to read directions. I’m thirty years old, when will I get it through my noggin to take 1 minute and read the directions?

I had misplaced the directions to Instantpeel and instead of looking for them, I asked Desertdoll how Istantpeel is applied. Well, poor Desertdoll never even got the directions so she improvised and was happy with her results. She told me she put it on her face as a mask. She left it on for a little bit and then she rinsed it off. Her skin was pink and fresh and glowing. Well then, that’s a good enough endorsement for me! I’ll just do it the same way!

I waited until all my makeup was off and my skin was nice and dry. Then I opened the Istantpeel packet and smeared it on my face like a mask and then I waited. Ow, Oh my God. Jesus, why are my eyes watering? Breathe, think nice thoughts, picture new skin. By minute 4 I could not take it another second.

Did you ever see The Sex and The City episode where Samantha gets a peel and then is all burnt to hell and decides to go to that art opening or whatever anyway? I had a sneaking suspicion that my face was going to look 3rd degree burned once I finised washing this off. My skin was cherry red! It was glowing because I think I got a new layer. I followed it up applying serious moisturizer every 4 hours and I was looking fab!

Instantpeel is never suppose to be applied to dry skin (oops) and use 1 packet every other week for oily skin. Use one pack every 3 for dry skin. There’s a total of 6 packets in each box and they retail for $50.00.

A packet is suppose to be used in the shower as a scrub. You need to lather the formula on your face, using strong strokes, rub Instantpeel in a back and
forth motion with your fingertips until individual peels of dead skin emerge. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Here’s what INSTANTPEEL says about there Mini Facial “InstantPeel is an extraordinarily unique skin exfoliant that is the safe and gentle alternative to chemical peels. What is truly exciting about InstantPeel is that now you can have a facial within seven minutes, while in the comfort of your own shower. Unlike ordinary exfoliants, results are truly immediate and not over time. You’ll see dead skin cells and debris gently peel away as you massage. Unlike anything else, InstantPeel binds only to dead skin and debris, leaving younger-looking, baby soft skin in its place. Chemical peels are painful and produce redness, the acidity level of InstantPeel is close to neutral, and there are no aftereffects. Dermatologist-approved, clinically tested InstantPeel is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive of skins “.

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